Ming Dynasty Inventions

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) is regarded to be one of the glorious periods in the history of China. Aside from its spectacular edifices, enchanting tourist attractions, and the wonderful Great Wall, the Ming Dynasty was also known for its amazing innovations.

Yongle Encyclopedia

Containing a wide coverage of subjects such as agriculture, art, astronomy, drama, history, medicine, religion and technology, the Yongle Encyclopedia was definitely the world’s largest known general encyclopedia in ancient times and the first encyclopedia to be written on earth.

It was in 1403 when Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty introduced the first encyclopedia in China and was later named after him. The Yongle Encyclopedia, also referred as The Great Canon or Vast Documents of the Yongle Era, was the inspiration for the making of today’s encyclopedia.

Paper and Printing

The Ming Dynasty was the most prosperous eras of China. One of the reasons was due to the invention of woodblock color printing, paper, and the two-color printing process. It surpasses all the preceded printing techniques of the previous dynasties. Woodblock carving and wood movable type were enhanced to perfection. The massive production of documents was also made easy and possible because of the invention of the two-color printing process.

Bristle Toothbrush

The creation of the bristle toothbrush was said to occur around 1498, during the reign of the Hongzhi Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. It was also said to be mass-produced in the year 1780. This innovation had become an integral part of modern society.

Ship Rudders

The Mind Dynasty also invented ship rudders. This invention made the steering of large ships and served as their guide as they traversed the deep waters.

These are just few of the great inventions of Ming dynasty which swept through the ages all over the world. These contributions are up to now widely used, leaving a lasting mark not only in the history of China but of the world.

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  1. libby says:

    you need to add more because i am doing this for a social studies project and we need at least 15 and this is the only website i could find

  2. Daphne says:

    WAY more

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    needs more stuff to work with

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    I just could not go away your site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the standard info an individual supply for your visitors? Is gonna be again ceaselessly in order to inspect new posts

  5. STUDENT says:

    WWWAAAAYYYY more this was good information but i need it for a flipbook on the MingDynsty and need a paragraph with 7 inventions not 3 with very little facts.

  6. Twosides says:

    Ming did not invent rudders. Rudders were invented back in the Zhou dynasty.
    But. though there aren’t that many inventions by the Ming. I suppose you could add Fragmentation bombs which were documented in the Huo Long Jing. Multi-stage rockets. ‘Flying crow with magic fire’ which was the first aerodynamic flying rocket bomb. They’re weapons but they’re still inventions.

  7. tia says:

    you all should just be thankful there are millions of websites on this subject and when in doubt go to the library.
    what is wrong with u

  8. unknown says:

    This website is a very accurate website!!

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    I thought the information was great. It’ll help me get an A . Thanks! 🙂

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Paper was created during the Han Dynasty.

  12. Lonewo1f says:

    Way more then this

  13. Jack says:

    Need more stuff i have to name 20 inventions

  14. Bart Dale says:

    The ship’s rudder was invented and being used in China before the Ming dynasty Even Europe was using stern mounted ships rudders before the Ming dynasty, the earliest evidence in Europe is from iconography dating to around the 12th century. Unless you want to say the stern mounted ships rudder was invented first in Europe, it was being used in China before the Ming dynasty and so is not a Ming invention. Steering of large ships is possible without a stern mounted ships rudder, Roman ships of a 1000 tons or more were steered by twin mounted side oars a thousand years before the Ming. Really large ships require not only a ships rudder, but a steering wheel, which was invented in Europe sometime in the beginning of the 18th century and not used by the Ming. .

    While 2 color printing is an impressive achievement, it has little to do with being able to print massive amount of documents, since even today most printing is done just using a single color, and printing massive amount of documents in a single color seems entirely feasible.

    Although the word leishu, which is the kind of work the Yongle “encyclopedia” was, is translated as encyclopedia in English, it is quite a bit different from modern encyclopedias, and it is question what influence it had on the development of our modern encyclopedias. Leishus could include not just summaries or excerpts of important works, but the entire copies of the works themselves.

  15. John Dough says:

    The Ming did not invent the ship rudder. They were in use on ships during thr Song dynasty and we have models of river crafts wirh stern rudders from thr Han Dynasty .

    Paper and Printing were we estsblished by the Song dynasty with paler going back to the Han dynasty and examplez of printing from the Tang dynasty.- although thr Ming dynasty made improvements, I don’t see them significant enough to be called an invention.

  16. Captain Moroni says:

    This was amazing info. Thanks for the amazing help on my project.

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