World History

History is said to be the study of past events, people, and times directly connected to mankind through the present. It has been expanded to include how the events and actions of the people affect the present; by doing so, specialized branches of history have been established.

The history of the world is recorded geologically, socially, and naturally. Whether it is excavating catacombs in Mesopotamia or spending time with a lost tribe in Oceania, history has been recorded, and for that, we are enriched by the knowledge that history provides. How we treat history will determine the extent in which all of mankind will co-exist, we ought to treat what we learn in history with respect and awe. We can allow it to benefit us or leave it unheeded, resulting in harm.

Eighteenth century British statesman Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Learn.


World History Timeline (10000 BC to AD 2020)



10000 BC Development of Agriculture
3500 BC The Wheel
3100 BC Egypt’s 1st Dynasty
2334 BC Sargon Unifies Sumer
1600 BC Shang Dynasty Begins in China
1500 BC The Development Rigveda
1200 BC The Trojan War
1046 BC The Rise of Zhou Dynasty
753 BC The Founding of Rome
509 BC The Establishment of Roman Republic
500 BC The Birth of Siddhartha
480 BC The Battle Of Thermopylae
356 BC The Birth of Alexander the Great
323 BC The Death of Alexander
221 BC Chinese Unification
44 BC The Assassination of Julius Caesar
27 BC Augustus Became Emperor
4 BC The Birth of Jesus Christ
AD 14 The Death of Augustus
AD 29 The Crucifixion of Jesus
AD 43 The Claudian Conquest of Britain
AD 64 The Great Fire of Rome
AD 70 The Fall of Jerusalem
AD 79 The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
AD 96 The Fall of Domitian
AD 100 Completion of the Colosseum in Rome
AD 220 The Fall of Han Dynasty
AD 313 The Legalization of Christianity
AD 476 The Fall of the Western Roman Empire
AD 610 The Prophet Muhammad’s Revelation
AD 618 The Tang Dynasty
AD 732 The Battle of Tours
AD 800 The Coronation of Charlemagne
AD 960 The Song Dynasty
AD 1066 The Norman Conquest
AD 1096 The First Crusade
AD 1206 The Rise of the Mongol Empire
AD 1215 King John signs Magna Carta
AD 1271 The Beginning of Marco Polo’s Journey
AD 1337 The Hundred Years’ War Begins
AD 1347 Outbreak of the Black Death
AD 1392 Joseon Dynasty begins in Korea
AD 1415 The Battle of Agincourt
AD 1439 Printing Press Invented
AD 1453 The Fall of Constantinople
AD 1492 Columbus reaches the Americas
AD 1500 The Discovery of Brazil
AD 1517 Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses
AD 1543 Copernicus Proposes Heliocentric Model
AD 1600 Giordano Bruno Burned for Heresy
AD 1603 The Rise of the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan
AD 1607 The Founding of Jamestown
AD 1644 The Fall of the Ming Dynasty
AD 1687 Newton’s Principia
AD 1751 The Debut of Encyclopédie
AD 1776 The American Independence
AD 1789 The Beginning of French Revolution
AD 1848 The Communist Manifesto
AD 1861 The Start of the American Civil War
AD 1905 Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
AD 1914 The World War I begins
AD 1917 The Russian Revolution
AD 1939 The World War II begins
AD 1945 The End of World War II
AD 1947 India’s Independence & Birth of Pakistan
AD 1948 The Establishment of the state of Israel
AD 1950 The Korean War begins
AD 1957 Launch of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union
AD 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis
AD 1969 Apollo 11’s Landing on the Moon
AD 1979 The Iranian Revolution
AD 1989 The Fall of Berlin Wall
AD 1991 The Dissolution of the Soviet Union
AD 2001 The 9/11 Attacks
AD 2008 The Global financial crisis
AD 2011 The Arab Spring
AD 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic
Black Lives Matter protests
Joe Biden Elected as President
Australia Wildfires
Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Beirut Port Explosion