Ming Dynasty Religion

Known as the Empire of the Great Ming, the Ming Dynasty is considered as one of the greatest eras in ancient history. Along with its popularity, this particular era was responsible for the restoration of the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal. It was also the time when the Forbidden City was established. Aside from its awe-inspiring achievements, people may wonder what religions were prevalent during the Ming Dynasty.

Taoism and Buddhism

The Ming Dynasty had several religious inclinations, but the dominant religious beliefs during that time were Taoism (also Daoism) and Buddhism. Some people believed in having a harmonious relationship with nature. During this era, scriptures and various practices were done to establish harmony with nature. On the other hand, others believed in Buddha (Buddhism). Some Chinese spent their whole life based on Buddha’s teachings. In fact, Buddhism has played a major role in shaping the way Chinese people think.

The Arrival of Christianity

Christianity was also spreading in China during the Ming Dynasty. Christianity arrived along with the Jesuit missionaries. The Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci was one of them. He was able to convince Chinese members of the upper class to join with him through the advanced Western technology he introduced to them. Some Chinese were cajoled to live the Christian life.

Prominence of Ming Dynasty Religion Today

During the reign of Ming Dynasty, social stability was quite prevalent. It was an era of economic prospering for China. Some people may not recognize it, but the various religions during that time had contributed much to what the Chinese community is today. Even though Ming Dynasty collapsed as early as 1600, it is no doubt that Taoism and Chinese Buddhism are still practiced nowadays.

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