Thomas Hart Benton Paintings

Thomas Hart Benton (April 15, 1889 – January 19, 1975) was an American muralist and painter. He was at the fore of the Regionalist art movement along with John Steuart Curry and Grant Wood. His sculpted and fluid paintings featured the everyday life of folks in the United States. The location of his scenes included the Midwest, New York City, Martha”s Vineyard, the American South, and the American West. Learn more »

Paintings by Thomas Hart Benton in Chronological Order

Self-Portrait, 1912 Girl in Park, 1913 Portrait of the Artist’s Sister (Mildred), 1913
Still Life with Fruit and Vegetables, 1914 Upper Manhattan, 1917 Constructivist Still LIfe, 1918
Portrait of Thomas Craven, 1919 Rhythmic Construction, 1919 Abstract Rock by the Sea, 1920
Chilmark, 1923 Portrait of Frankie, 1923 Marthas Vineyard, 1925
Self-Portrait (1), 1925 The Lord is My Shepherd, 1926 Bootleggers, 1927
Boomtown, 1928 Cotton Loading, 1928 Lonesome Road, 1927-1928
The Train Station, 1928 Cotton Pickers Georgia, 1928-1929 Cattle Loading, 1930
Changing West, 1930 City Building, 1930 City Building (1), 1930
Lassoing Horses, 1931 City Activities with Dance Hall, 1931 The Engineers Dream, 1931
Arts of the South, 1932 Arts of the West, 1932 Butterfly Chaser, 1932
Romance, 1932 Lord Heal the Child, 1934 Preparing the Bill, 1934
The Ballad of the Jealous Lover of Lone Green Valley, 1934 Jesse James, 1936 Approaching Storm, 1938
Cradling Wheat, 1938 Flight of the Thielens, 1938 T.P. and Jake, 1938
Pussycat and R, 1939 Threshing Wheat, 1939 The Hail Storm, 1940
The Beach, 1941 July Hay, 1942 Negro Soldier, 1942
Letter from Overseas, 1943 Spring Tryout, 1943 The Wreck of the Ole, 1943
Cut the Line, 1944 She”s Off, 1944 After Many Springs, 1945
Island Hay, 1945 The Waterboy, 1946 Chilmark Hay, 1951
Jessie with Guitar, 1957 Trail Riders, 1964-1965 Wheat, 1967
Self-Portrait (2), 1970 Aaron Arts of the City
Benton”s the Speaker Berlin Cave Spring
Central Park Chain Gang Cradling Wheat
Cutting Hay Deep South First Impressions of Chicago
Homestead Midwest New England Postmaster
Ozark Reflections Portrait of a Musician Portrait of Carl Ruggles
Still Life with Wildflowers Study for Jessie and Jake The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Blast Furnace The Candidate The Cliffs
The Cotton Picker The Ozarkian The Processional
The Sheepherder The Skeptic Vienna

5 responses to “Thomas Hart Benton Paintings”

  1. jack says:

    i purchased a painting by mr. benton signed benton 44 entitled spring tryout and i’d like to know what exactly i have. it seems to me and i don’t know alot about painting that it is egg tempara on paper. it was professionally framed in los angeles california but i’m not sure when it seems to be fairly old but not ancient in appearance. the paper it’s painted on is very porous an d textured. I can’t see any brush strokes but there is no margin as in a print. It measures approximatley twentyy eight inches wide by approximatley eighteenh inches tall. Can someone please help me assess this situation Thank you sincerely

  2. Michael Pader says:

    Did you ever find out about your painting? If not, I would be interested in seeing it.

  3. Carl Schilt says:

    Hello and Thank you for this. Did you mean to omit “The Sources of Country Music’? Hi s last. Died signing in 1975.

    Carl Schilt, Skamania, WA

  4. Veronica says:

    Research on
    Spring Tryout is one of his 1943 paintings

  5. richard unruh says:

    I have a photo (original) of Benton (11″x13″) taken when I lived across the street from his studio. It is sepia tone and he is lighting his pipe.. Would like to sell .

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