Tang Dynasty Culture

The Tang Dynasty was very popular and powerful, particularly in culture, politics, economic status and military strength. The Tang Dynasty between 618 and 907 AD was the golden era of China. The Tang Dynasty is famous for being a great period in China.

The Tang Dynasty’s culture and art forms made great advancements during this time. Musicians were given importance. The most popular music instruments of the time were bells, zithers, stone chimes (lithophone), flutes, and drums. This was the time when western art forms, music and dance, influenced China from Central Asia. The Tang Dynasty was a prosperous era. Beautiful girls performed Western dances for western songs. This shows the people were open to foreign cultures.

China experienced economic growth under Tang Dynasty. Law and order was maintained in the state and corruption was no concern. The Tang Dynasty followed an open policy and this attracted many foreign people to this land of art and culture.

Next is sculpture. Sculptures of Lord Buddha were prolific at this time. Poetry and painting found an esteemed place in Tang Dynasty. Painters were given high respect in the court. Yan Liben and Wu Daozi were known as the greatest painters of the era. Yan Liben was better known as a painter than a statesman. Wu Daozi has painted on variety of subjects. His paintings were famous for their imaginative touch.

Another great glory of the period was poetry. Poetry adds more color to the Tang Dynasty culture. The Tang Dynasty had its own style of ceramics. Potters developed and introduced new techniques in Tang pottery. These techniques include the use of “Sancai”. Sancai is a type of ceramics using three-colored glaze with lead and silicate as bases. Tomb figurines can also be found during this period. White porcelain and decorated mirrors made of bronze were also famous at that time.

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