Tang Dynasty Achievements

The Tang Dynasty is the most influential empire of China’s civilization. During the Tang Dynasty, China achieved the peak of its civilization and became the center of trade in the east. The legacy of this empire has made lots of contributions to the modern world and present generations. The Tang Dynasty achievements have contributed a dynamic impact in our world today. The emperors of Tang have imposed a strong foundation on their government as the leaders were according to education and merits.

The study of medicine is one of the highest contributions of Tang Dynasty as it is practiced worldwide. The illustration of using herbs or organic materials for medicine was developed and spread by this empire. During the reign of this empire in the field of medicine, they conducted a study on diabetes and discovered that the source of this condition was caused by excess sugar through urine experimentation. The Thousand Golden Prescriptions, a famous medicinal book written by Sun Simiao, was one of the China’s precious treasures in the field of medicine.

The study of complex chemicals to create gunpowder was also one of the Tang Dynasty contributions. Through the empire’s success in the alchemy also brought about the inventions of gas cylinders and air conditioning. The waterproof creams, dust-repelling was invented also to use as varnishing agent to weapons, clothes and even porcelains. The significance of wood block printing was also one of Tang Dynasty ultimate contribution as they have introduced the concept of printing images and text using woodblocks and later developed into paper.

The study of Law and Math were also prominent Tang Dynasty achievements in the field of education, wherein it marked a huge contribution for economic growth and stability of building a strong foundation for China. The Tang Dynasty achievements were extra-ordinarily exceptional, and the empire contributed greatly to art, social cultures, and foreign relations.

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