Joseph Timeline

Joseph Timeline in Biblical History

~1600 BC Joseph is born to Jacob and Rachel. – Genesis 30:23-24
~1583 BC Jacob prefers Joseph over his other sons, and he makes him a colorful robe. This marks the beginning of his brothers’ hatred towards him. – Genesis 37:3-4
  Joseph tells his brothers about a dream he had involving sheaves of grain and the sun, moon, and eleven stars. All of the sheaves of grain bowed to him. His brothers hated him more after this. – Genesis 37:5-9
  Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery and he was sent to Egypt. – Genesis 37:12-36
~1580 BC Joseph works as Potiphar’s personal servant and soon becomes a target of seduction by his master’s wife. – Genesis 39: 1-17
  Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of seduction and Joseph is thrown into prison. – Genesis 39:13-20
~1570 BC Pharaoh’s baker and wine taster is thrown into prison where Joseph is. Joseph accurately interprets both men’s dreams. – Genesis 40:1-22
  Pharaoh has a dream and no wise man can explain it to him. The wine taster remembers Joseph and recommends him to Pharaoh. – Genesis 41:1-13
  Joseph hears out the Pharaoh’s dream and interprets it as seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph advises the Pharaoh to store grain. – Genesis 41:1-36
  The Pharaoh assigns Joseph as his second-in-command and gives him Asenath as a wife. – Genesis 41:40-45
~1570-1563 BC Joseph rules Egypt during the seven years of plenty. He has two sons by Asenath during this time. – Genesis 41:46-52
~1563 BC The seven years of plenty ends and the seven years of famine begins. – Genesis 41:53-54
  Joseph’s brothers journey to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph recognizes them, but they did not recognize him. – Genesis 42:1-8
  Joseph questions his brothers and accuses them of being spies. He orders them to fetch their youngest brother from Canaan and bring him back to Egypt. – Genesis 42:10-20
  Jacob tells his sons to go back to Egypt and buy more grain, but Judah explains that this time, they will have to bring Benjamin along, as ordered by Joseph. With much worry, Jacob relents. – Genesis 43:1-14
  The brothers, along with Benjamin, arrive again in Egypt and are further questioned and served food. – Genesis 43:15-34
  Joseph tells his steward to put his silver cup into Benjamin’s sack, then sends them on their way. – Genesis 44:1-4
  Joseph sends his steward to go after his brothers. The steward makes out as if he had caught them stealing the cup and brings them back to Joseph. – Genesis 44:6-13
  Judah tries to bargain with Joseph to let Benjamin go and keep him instead as slave. – Genesis 44:18-34
  Joseph reveals to his brothers that he is their brother. The Pharaoh orders Joseph’s brothers to take all their families from Canaan to Egypt, and that they will be given land in the Pharaoh’s kingdom. – Genesis 45:1-19
  Jacob journeys to Egypt, along with his children and grandchildren. – Genesis 46:5-6
  Jacob reunites with his son, Joseph. – Genesis 46:28-30
  Jacob’s family lived in Egypt, in the Goshen area, and prospered there. – Genesis 47:27
~1546 BC Jacob is 147 years old and nearing the end of his life. He asks Joseph to lay his remains to rest not in Egypt but in Canaan, where his forefathers lay. – Genesis 47:28-30
  Jacob prophesies the future of his sons. – Genesis 49:1-28
  Jacob gives instructions that he be buried in the cave in Machpelah, in Canaan. – Genesis 49:29-30
  Jacob dies in his bed. – Genesis 49:33
  Joseph brings his father’s remains to Canaan, mourns him, and buries him in the cave in Machpelah. – Genesis 50:1-13
  Joseph returns to Egypt after burying his father. – Genesis 50:14
  Joseph’s brothers fear that he might be harboring bitterness against them, but Joseph reassures them lovingly. – Genesis 50:19-21
~1490 BC Joseph nears his end and talks to his brothers about the land that God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. – Genesis 50:24
  Jacob dies at the age of 110 and was laid to rest in Egypt. – Genesis 50:26