Abraham Timeline

Abraham Timeline in Biblical History

~2050 BC Abraham is born in Ur Kasdim, Chaldea, to his father, Terah. – Jasher 8:35
~2050-2000 BC Abraham lives with Noah and Shem and learns the ways of the Lord from them. – Jasher 9:5-6
~2000 BC Abraham departs from Noah and Shem’s company and lives with his father, Terah. – Jasher 11:13, 11:16
Abraham destroys Terah’s icons. – Jasher 11:17
Abraham takes Sarah as his wife. – Genesis 11:29, Jasher 12:44
God instructs Abraham to leave his father’s house and head to Canaan, assuring him that He will bless him with great descendants and more blessings. Abraham journeys to Canaan with his wife, Sarah. – Jasher 13:5
~1980 BC God appears to Abraham and tells him that he will inherit the land of Canaan, and so will his descendants, as long as he remains blameless before His eyes. – Jasher 13:17-18
~1975 BC Abraham visits his father and mother, and teaches the people of the village how to know the Lord. The Lord then reminds Abraham to go to Canaan and that He will make his name great and bless him with great descendants. – Jasher 13:20-23
Abraham heads to Canaan but learns of a great famine there, and so heads to Egypt. Abraham tells his wife Sarah that they will let themselves be known as siblings, because he feared that the Egyptians would desire Sarah and he would be killed if they knew he was her husband. – Jasher 15:1-5
Pharaoh desires Sarah and takes her into his palace. Pharaoh gives riches to Abraham in the form of sheep, camels, and slaves. – Genesis 12:14-16
God punishes Pharaoh with diseases as punishment for taking Sarah. Pharaoh soon learns that Sarah is Abraham’s wife. Sarah is given a handmaid named Hagar, then Pharaoh sends them all away. – Genesis 12:17-20, Jasher 15:1-31
~1974 BC Abraham heads back to Canaan but separates ways with Lot after having disputes about land. – Genesis 13:5-9, Jasher 15:40-44
~1972 BC God speaks to Abraham in Hebron and reminded him that he will have great numbers of descendants. – Jasher 16:20-21
~1965 BC Abraham takes Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid, and she bore him Ishmael. – Genesis 16:2-16
~1952 BC God destroys Sodom. – Jasher 19:45
~1950 BC Abraham receives the covenant from God, who requires every male child to be circumcised. – Jasher 17:17
God appears to Sarah, and she bears Abraham a son. Abraham calls his son, Isaac, and circumcises him on his eighth day. – Jasher 21:1-3
~1948 BC Abraham weans Isaac and a big celebration was thrown. – Genesis 21:8, Jasher 21:4-7
~1946 BC Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away, and they stayed in the desert of Paran. – Genesis 21:9-14, Jasher 21:13-16
~1914 BC God commands Abraham to take Isaac to Mount Moriah and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. At the last minute, an angel appeared to Abraham, forbidding him to slay Isaac. – Genesis 22: 1-10
Sarah dies at the age if 127 years. Abraham speaks to the children of Heth regarding Sarah’s burial place. – Genesis 23:1-4, Jasher 24:1-2
Abraham takes a new wife, Keturah, and has six sons with her: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuach. – Genesis 25:1-2, Jasher 25;1-2
~1911 BC Isaac takes Rebecca as his wife. – Jasher 24:40–45
~1891 BC At sixty years old, Isaac welcomes the birth of his two sons, Jacob and Esau. – Genesis 25:24, Jasher 26: 14-16
~1875 BC After living a full life, Abraham dies at the age of 175. His sons, Isaac and Ishmael, lay him to rest. – Genesis 25:7-9, Jasher 26:29