World History

History is said to be the study of past events, people, and times directly connected to mankind through the present. It has been expanded to include how the events and actions of the people affect the present; by doing so, specialized branches of history have been established.

The history of the world is recorded geologically, socially, and naturally. Whether it is excavating catacombs in Mesopotamia or spending time with a lost tribe in Oceania, history has been recorded, and for that, we are enriched by the knowledge that history provides. How we treat history will determine the extent in which all of mankind will co-exist, we ought to treat what we learn in history with respect and awe. We can allow it to benefit us or leave it unheeded, resulting in harm.

Eighteenth century British statesman Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Learn.

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