Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Timeline (1775-1783)

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1775 J_S_Copley_-_Paul_RevereApr 18. Paul Revere and William Dawes rides to warn the colonists.

Apr 19. British soldiers known as Redcoats engage against the colonial Minutemen.

May 10. Ethan Allen captures Fort Ticonderoga.

May 10. Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia to coordinate the war effort.

george-washingtonJun 15. Virginian George Washington is named as the Colonialists Commander in Chief.

Jun 17. British & Colonial troops fight the Battle of Bunker Hill early in the Revolutionary War.

Jul 3. The Continental Army is placed under the command of George Washington.

Benedict-ArnoldJul 26. Benjamin Franklin becomes the first United States Postmaster General.

Dec 30. Battle of Quebec takes place and Quebec is seized by American forces led by Benedict Arnold.

1776 Feb 14. Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense, a pamphlet that helps unite America during the war.

Benjamin_Franklin_by_Joseph-Siffred_DuplessisApr 6. The Continental Navy and HMS Glasgow encounter in the Battle of Block Island.

May. Betsy Ross completes sewing the first American Flag.

Jun 12. Virginia Declaration of Rights is passed.

Jun 28. The British engage the American rebels in the Battle of Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

Us_declaration_independenceJul 1-4. The American Congress debates and makes revisions on the Declaration of Independence and is immediately sent to the printers.

Jul 8. Declaration of Independence is read for the first time to the public.

Aug 27. The Redcoats defeat the army of George Washington in the Battle of Long Island.

Battle_of_Trenton_by_Charles_McBarronSep 22. Nathan Hale is hanged by the British.

Dec 26. General George Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton.

1777 Jul 27. Marquis de Lafayette reaches Philadelphia.

Pyle-Nationmakers-BrandywineSep 11. The Battle of Brandywine is won by British troops.

Sep 16. The Battle of the Clouds in Philadelphia is aborted because of heavy rain.

Sep 20. Surprise is reason for the British success in the Battle of Paoli.

Nov 16. Fort Mifflin is captured by British soldiers.

Washington_and_Lafayette_at_Valley_ForgeDec 19. Valley Forge becomes Washington’s winter home.

1778 Feb 6. The Treaty of Alliance is signed between France and the United States.

May 20. The Continental’s escape a massacre at the Battle of Barren Hill.

Chappel-Wyoming-MassacreJul 3. Supporters loyal to Great Britain approve of the Indian Massacres in the Battle of Wyoming.

1779 Jun 21. Spain declares war against Great Britain.

John-Paul-JonesSep 23. John Paul Jones captures the HMS Serapis near the English coast.

It is learned that Benedict Arnold had been a British spy.

1780 Oct 14. Nathanael Greene is named as the commander of the Southern Army.
1781 Mar 2. The Articles of Confederation is adopted.

First_Marquis_of_CornwallisOct 19. Charles Cornwallis surrenders after being surrounded by the Americans and the French.

1782 Mar 20. Frederick North resigns as the Prime Minister of Britain to the Colonies.

Signing-Preliminary-Articles-Of-Peace-1782Nov 30. Basic aspects of the Preliminary Articles of Peace are signed by the Americans and the British.

1783 Apr 19. The American Congress approves the Peace Treaty.

Treaty_of_Paris_by_Benjamin_West_1783Sep 3. Treaty of Paris is signed by both Great Britain and the United States.

1785 Mar 5. Henry Knox is named the first Secretary of War of the United States.

John-Adams-2nd-President-of-the-United-StatesApr 1. John Adams is chosen as Ambassador to England.

1787 Sep 17. The United States Constitution is signed.

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