Third Intermediate Period of Egypt

The Third Intermediate Period followed the ending of the New Kingdom and the passing away of Ramesses XI (c. 1070 B.C.). This era was ridden with strife and political instability. Much of the period involved conquest and rule by foreign powers.

Third Intermediate Period of Egypt Timeline (c. 1085-664 B.C.)

1069 B.C. Third_Intermediate_Period_map_small The Amon high priests take over the throne, causing Egypt to split in two: the northern part, ruled by the 21st Dynasty in Tanis (on the Mediterranean Sea) and the southern part, ruled by the Amon priests in Thebes.
926 B.C. Pharaoh Sheshonk I, founder of the 22nd Dynasty, reigns as pharaoh. He was a Meshwesh king of Egypt.
926 B.C. Pharaoh Sheshonk I invades Palestine.
750 B.C. Iron sees popular use in Egypt.
720 B.C. Piyes-pyramid-at-El-Kurru-sqThe Nubian king Piankh/ Piye of Kush (Sudan) conquers Egypt, founding the Nubian (25th) Dynasty.
710 B.C. Shabaqa-head-Louvre-sqShabaka, the successor of Piye of Kush, relocates the capital to Thebes.
699 B.C. Granite-sphinx-of-Taharqo-at-Kawa-sq Taharqa becomes the king of Egypt and seats the capital in Memphis.
671 B.C. The Assyrians defeat Tantamani and sack Memphis, ending the Nubian Dynasty.

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