Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riveter
Artist Norman Rockwell
Year 1943
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 52 x 40 in
132 x 102 cm
Norman Rockwell Famous Artwork
Freedom of Speech, 1943
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Freedom of Worship, 1943
Freedom from Fear, 1943
The Problem We All Live With, 1964
Breaking Home Ties, 1954
Russian Schoolroom, 1967
Rosie The Riveter, 1943
Complete Works

Rosie the Riveter is an oil painting that is a classic example of Regionalism. The imagery of the piece became a symbol for the millions of “Rosies” across America working for the World War II effort. In the picture, Rosie is portrayed wearing denim work wear, eating her lunch sandwich, with her rivet gun at rest on her knee. The painting was commissioned as cover art for the Saturday Evening Post magazine in 1943.

Rockwell’s Legacy

Norman Rockwell produced a body of over 4,000 works in his lifetime. His painting methods began with small sketches, an accumulation of props to set the scene before building up to the painting itself. His work was popular and commercial and included illustrations of more than forty books, including Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, but the iconic symbol of America’s women fighting the Second World War on home turf remains his most well-known piece. The original painting was auctioned in 2002 for $4.96 million.

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