Óscar Domínguez Paintings

Óscar M. Domínguez (January 3, 1906 – December 31, 1957) was a surrealist painter of Spanish origins, born in San Cristóbal de La Laguna on the island, Tenerife. He suffered a serious illness at a young age which affected his growth and caused deformation in his limbs and facial bone frame. He spent his youth in Tacoronte with his grandmother and devoted himself to painting due to his illness. Learn more »

Paintings by Óscar Domínguez in Chronological Order

Autorretrato, 1926 Retrato de Roma, 1933 Désir d’été, 1934
Caja con Piano y Toro, 1936 La guillotine, 1938 Mujer, 1941
Femme sur Divan, 1942 Femmes o Mujeres, 1942 Femme à l’Ecritoire, 1943
La Máquina de Coser, 1943 Silent Listener, 1943 Tauromaquia, 1943
Girl with a Skipping Rope, 1945 Le Peintre et son Modèle, 1945 Composición con Fondo Azul, 1949
Toros, 1950 Corrida II, 1951 Tauromaquia, 1951
Tauromaquia, 1951 Los platillos volantes

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