Mikhail Vrubel Artwork

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel (March 17, 1856 – April 14, 1910) is usually considered to be one of the Russian painters of the Symbolist movement. However, he purposely stood apart from contemporary art trends. The origin of his unusual style could be rooted in Late Byzantine and Early Renaissance painting. Learn more »

Artwork by Mikhail Vrubel in Chronological Order

Anna Karenina meets her son, 1878 Betrothal of Mary and Joseph, 1881 Portrait of student, 1882
Self Portrait, 1882 Feasting Romans, 1883 Hamlet and Ophelia, 1883
A model with eastern dress, 1884 Angel with Labara, 1884 Briar, 1884
Field flowers, 1884 Hamlet and Ophelia, 1884 Moses, 1884
Pieta, 1884 Still life. Fabrics., 1884 Virgin and Child, c.1884
Woman's Head (Emily L. Prahova), 1884 Archangel Gabriel, 1885 Christ, 1885
Descent of Holy Spirit on the Apostles, 1885 Italian fisherman, c.1885 Madonna, 1885
Odessa harbour, 1885 Self Portrait, c.1885 St. Cyril, 1885
Still Life. Plaster mask, horn of chandelier., 1885 A Man in a Russian Old Style Costume, 1886 Eastern Tale, 1886
Flight of Faust and Mephisto, 1886 Flowers in a Blue Vase, c.1886 Persian Prince, 1886
Portrait of a Girl against a Persian Carpet, 1886 Red Azaleas, c.1886 Angel with censer and candle, 1887
Orchid, c.1887 Piet, 1887 Portrait of M. V. Yakunchikova, c.1887
Red Flowers and Leaves of Begonia in a Basket, c.1887 Resurrection, 1887 Resurrection, 1887
White Iris, c.1887 Christ in Gethsemane, 1888 Hamlet and Ophelia, 1888
Portrait of an Officer (Pechorin on a Sofa), 1889 Farewell of Zara with Ismail, 1890 Head of Demon, c.1889
Head of Demon, 1890 Head of Demon with mountains, 1890 Muse, 1890
Prince Guido (Costume design for the opera “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”), 1890 Seated Demon, 1890 The Flying Demon, c.1890
Demon and Angel with Tamara's Soul, 1891 Duel of Pechorin and Grushnitsky, 1891 Italian Night (Sketch for the curtain in Russian Private Opera), 1891
Italian Night in Naples (Sketch for the curtain in Russian Private Opera), 1891 Italy. Scenes of ancient life. (Sketch for the curtain in Russian Private Opera), 1891 Tamara and Demon, 1891
Tamara and Demon, 1891 Tamara Dancing, 1891 Tamara Lying in State, 1891
Rider (“Is carried horse faster of fallow-deer…”), 1891 Walking on Water, 1891 The Judgement of Paris, 1893
Venice, 1893 Catania. Sicily., 1894 Fantastic landscape, 1894
Primavera, 1894 Roses and orchids, 1894 Spain, 1894
Venice. Bridge of Sighs, 1894 Yellow roses, 1894 Portrait of a T. Lyubatovich in role of Carmen, 1895
The Fortune Teller, 1895 The Snow Maiden, c.1895 Vase, c.1895
Water Lilies, c.1895 Captured Pechenegs (Costume design for the opera “Rogneda”), 1896 Faust, 1896
Hansel and Gretel, 1896 Knight, 1896 Portrait of a Businessman K. Artsybushev, c.1896
Princess Reverie, 1896 Romeo and Juliet, c.1896 Morning, 1897
Playing naiads and tritons, c.1897 Portrait of S. Mamontov, the Founder of the First Private Opera, 1897 Portrait of wife of the businessman Artsybushev, 1897
Viking Merchant (Costume design for the opera “Sadko”), 1897 Volkhova, the sea princess (Costume design for the opera “Sadko”), 1897 Bogatyr, 1898
Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel as Princess Volkhova, 1898 Parting of the Sea King and Princess Volkhova, 1898 Portrait of Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel, the Artist's Wife, in an Empire Dress, 1898
Prophet, 1898 Mikula Selianinovich and Volha, 1899 Pan, 1899
Sadko, 1899 Sadko, 1899 The Alexander Sloboda, 1899
The Flying Demon, 1899 Valkyr, 1899 At Nightfall, 1900
Egyptian Woman, c.1900 Fist-fighter (Costume design for the opera “The Enchantress”), 1900 Kudma, the sorcerer (Costume design for the opera “The Enchantress”), 1900
Lelle, c.1900 Lilacs, 1900 Mamyrov, the old deacon (Costume design for the opera “The Enchantress”), 1900
Mizgir, c.1900 Prince Yuri (Costume design for the opera “The Enchantress”), 1900 Prince's huntsman (Costume design for the opera “The Enchantress”), 1900
Princess Volhova, c.1900 Princess Volhova, 1900 Sadko, 1900
The Lilacs, 1900 The Swan Princess, 1900 A Lady in Lilac (Portrait of Nadezhda Zabela), c.1901
Artist's son, 1901 Dress, c.1901 Fallen Demon, 1901
Fallen Demon, 1901 Lilacs, 1901 Peacock, c.1901
Swan, 1901 The Winter Canal, 1901 Thirty-three knights, 1901
Fallen Demon, 1902 Portrait of Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel, c.1903 Kampanules, 1904
Pearl oister, 1904 Portrait of Doctor Fiodor Usoltsev with an Icon in the Background, c.1904 Portrait of N. Zabela, 1904
Portrait of N. Zabela-Vrubel on the Edge of a Birch Grove, 1904 Portrait of Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel, 1904 The Six Winged Seraph, 1904
After the Concert Portrait of Nadezhda Zabela, 1905 Head of St. John the Baptist, 1905 Self Portrait, 1905
Shadows of the lagoons and naiades, 1905 The Six Winged Seraph, 1905 The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel, 1906
Flowers Guido Mikula Selianinovich

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