John Atkinson Grimshaw Paintings

John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836 – 1893) was a painter from Britain during the Victorian era. He is most well known for his nocturne paintings of cityscapes and landscapes. Although landscapes were his preferred subject, Grimshaw also painted portraits and mythological scenes with fairies. Most of his paintings were private commissions so his work was rarely seen in larger galleries. Grimshaw was very successful during his life and was able to work as a full time painter.

Paintings by John Atkinson Grimshaw in Chronological Order:

A Dead Linnet, 1862 Saint Cecilia, 1862 Portrait of the artist’s wife, Theodosia, as Ophelia, 1863
Blea Tarn at First Light, Langdale Pikes in the Distance, 1865 Wimbledon Park, Autumn After Glow, 1866 A Mountain Road, Flood Time, 1868
Landscape with a winding river, 1868 Autumn Glory: The Old Mill, 1869 Colwith Force, 1869
Still Life of Birds Nest with Primulas and Blossom, 1869 Twilight, The Vegetable Garden, 1869 Bowder Stone, Borrowdale, c.1870
Evening, Knostrop Old Hall, 1870 Dame Autumn has a Mournful Face, 1871 Poachers, 1871
Full Moon behind Cirrus Cloud from the Roundhay Park Castle Battlements, 1872 Under The Harvest Moon, 1872 Lovers in a wood, 1873
A moonlit lane, 1874 The Heron’s Haunt, 1874 The lotus gatherers, 1874
Forge Valley, Scarborough, 1875 In the Pleasaunce, 1875 Liverpool from Wapping, 1875
The Lady of Shalott, c.1875 Whitby Docks, 1876 Blue Belle, 1877
Elaine, 1877 Stapleton Park near Pontefract Sun, 1877 The Rector’s Garden, Queen of the Lilies, 1877
Arriving in the Hall, 1878 The Lady of Shalott, 1878 Two Thousand Years Ago, 1878
Endymion on Mount Latmus, 1879 In Peril (The Harbour Flare), 1879 Spirit of the Night, 1879
Spirit of the Night, 1879 Whitby from Scotch Head, 1879 Nightfall on the Thames, 1880
Reflections on the Thames, Westminster, 1880 A Lane In Headingley, Leeds, 1881 Boar Lane, Leeds, 1881
In the Golden Gloaming, 1881 The Chill of Autumn, 1881 Moonlight, 1882
Park Row, Leeds, 1882 Lane In Cheshire, 1883 Snowbound, 1883
Humber Docks, Hull, 1884 An Autumn Idyll, 1885 Battersea Bridge, 1885
Blackman Street, London, 1885 Dulce Domum, 1885 A Wintry Moon, 1886
Iris, 1886 Canny Glasgow, 1887 Liverpool Quay by Moonlight, 1887
October Gold, 1889 An Extensive Meadow Landscape with Geese by a Stream, 1892 Golden Eve, 1892
Evening, Whitby Harbour, 1893 Golden Light, 1893 Knostrop Cut, Leeds, Sunday Night, 1893
Roundhay Lake, From Castle, 1893 A Burnsall Valley A Golden Beam
A Golden Country Road A Manor House in Autumn A Mossy Glen
A Wet Road By Moonlight, Wharfedale An Autumn Lane Autumn
Autumn Gold Autumn Morning Barden Tower
Boars Lane, Leeds by Lamplight Day Dreams Dido
Figure on a moonlit lane Forge Valley, Scarborough Glasgow Docks
Golden Autumn Gourock, Near The Clyde Shipping Docks Greenock
Greenock Dock Hampstead Humber Dockside, Hull
Il Penseroso In The Winter Iris
Knostrop Hall, Early Morning Landscape in the Lake District Lea Hurst, Kent
Lights in the Harbour Liverpool Customs House London Bridge Night
London Bridge Half Tide Luxury Midsummer Night
Moonlight After Rain Moonlight on the Lake Roundhay Park Leeds November Afternoon, Stapleton Park
November Moonlight Old Chelsea Old Chelsea
Reekie, Glasgow Roundhay lake Roundhay Lake, Leeds
Salthouse Dock, Liverpool Salthouse Dock, Liverpool Saturday Night, on the Clyde at Glasgow
Shipping on the Clyde Silvery moonlight Sixty Years Ago
Snow and Mist Spring Summer
Sunset from Chilworth Common, Hampshire The Butterfly The Cradle Song
The Heron’s Haunt The Lighthouse at Scarborough The Little Botanist
The Lovers The Old Hall Under Moonlight The Sere and Yellow Leaf
The Seven Arches Adel Woods The Thames Below London Bridge The Trysting Tree
The Turn of the Road Tree Shadows on the Park Wall, Roundhay Park, Leeds Under the Moonbeams
Under the Moonbeams Under the Moonbeams, Knostrop Hall View of Heath Street by Night
Waterloo Lake Roundhay, Park Leeds Wharfedale Whitby
Whitby Harbor by Moonlight Whitby Sands, sunset Windermere
Woman on a Path by a Cottage Wooded valley, probably Bolton Woods Lovers in a Woodland Clearing

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