Jacques-Louis David Paintings

Jacques-Louis David (August 30, 1748 – December 29, 1825) was an extremely influential French painter and one of the most famous Neoclassical artists. His paintings, known for rejecting the highly decorative style of Rococo, helped to usher in the new era of the Neoclassical style. He drew heavy inspiration from historical subjects, particularly that of ancient European history. Some of his most famous paintings include The Oath of Horatii (1784) and The Death of Marat (1793). David’s work also includes numerous portraits of historically important French figures, including the infamous Emperor Napoleon in The Coronation of Napoleon (1805-07).

Paintings by Jacques-Louis David in Chronological Order

Portrait of Francois Buron, 1769 Portrait of Marie Francoise Buron, 1769 The Combat of Mars and Minerva, 1771
Sorrow, 1773 The Death of Seneca, 1773 Antiochus and Stratonice, 1774
View of the Tiber and Castel St. Angelo, 1776 Minerva, 1776-1777 The Funeral of Patroclus, 1778
St. Roch Praying to the Virgin for an End to the Plague, 1780 Belisarius Begging for Alms, 1781 Equestrian Portrait of Stanislas Kostka Potocki, 1781
Christ on the Cross, 1782 Portrait of Jacques Francois Desmaisons, 1782 The Grief of Andromache, 1782
Portrait of Alphonse Leroy, 1783 The Pain of Andromache, 1783 Portrait of Charles-Pierre Pecoul, 1784
Portrait of Madame Charles-Pierre Pecoul, nee Potain, mother-in-law of the artist, 1784 The Oath of Horatii, 1784 The Three Horatii Brothers, 1785
The Death of Socrates, 1787 Lictors Bearing to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons, 1789 Brutus, 1790
Portrait of Anne Marie Louise Thélusson, Countess of Sorcy, 1790 - Jacques- Louis David - WikiArt.org
Portrait of Anne Marie Louise Thélusson, Countess of Sorcy, 1790 Robertine Tourteau, Marquise d’Orvilliers, 1790 Self Portrait, c.1790
Study after Michelangelo, 1790 Deputies swearing oaths, 1791 Self Portrait, 1791
The Oath in the Tennis Court, 1791 The Tennis Court Oath, 20th June 1789, YEAR View of the interior of the tennis court, 1790-1791
Allegory of the French People Offering the Crown and Sceptre to the King, 1792 Louis XVI Showing the Constitution to his Son, the Dauphin, 1792 Portrait of Madame Adelaide Pastoret, 1791-1792
Portrait of Madame Charles-Louis Trudaine, c.1791-1792 Caricature of the English Government, 1793 Head of Marat, 1793
Queen Marie Antoinette on the way to her execution, 1793 The Death of Marat, 1793 Homer Reciting his Verses to the Greeks, 1794
Self Portrait, 1794 The Representatives of the People on Duty, 1794 View of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, 1794
Woman in a Turban, 1794 Gaspard Meyer or The Man in the Red Waistcoat, 1795 Jacobus Blauw, 1795
Madame Pierre Seriziat (nee Emilie Pecoul) with her Son, Emile, 1795 Portrait of Jeanbon Saint André, 1795 Portrait of Pierre Seriziat the artist’s brother-in-law, 1795
Unfinished portrait of General Bonaparte, c.1797-1798 Portrait of Madame Raymond de Verninac, 1798-1799 The Sabine Women, 1799
Madame Recamier, 1800 Napoleon Crossing the Alps at the St Bernard Pass, 20th May 1800, c.1800-1801 Portrait of Suzanne Le Pelletier de Saint Fargeau, 1804
Napoleon Holding Josephine’s Crown, 1805 Portrait of Pope Pius VII, 1805 The Empress Josephine Kneeling with Mme de la Rochefoucauld and Mme de la Valett, 1806
The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of the Empress Josephine by Pope Pius VII, 2nd December 1804, 1807 Study for the Distribution of the Eagle Standards, 1808 Sappho and Phaon, 1809
Portrait of Countess Daru, 1810 Napoleon Bonaparte in his Study at the Tuileries, 1812 Portrait of Marguerite Charlotte David, 1813
Portrait of the Countess Vilain XIIII and Her Daughter, 1816 Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, 1817 The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, 1818
The Anger of Achilles, 1819 The Sisters Zenaide and Charlotte-Bonaparte, 1821 A Vestal Virgin Crowned With Flowers
Etienne Maurice Gerard Jacques Louis David In his workshop Portrait of a young Woman in a Turban
Portrait of Antoine-Laurent and Marie-Anne Lavoisier Portrait of Philippe-Laurent de Joubert Portrait of the Young Ingres
The Arrival at the Hôtel de Ville

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