Giorgio de Chirico Paintings

Giorgio de Chirico (July 10, 1888 – November 20, 1978) was a Greek-born Italian artist. In the era before World War I he established the art movement, scuola metafisica, which would inspire surrealists. After 1919, Chirico had a change in the direction of his art. He acquired interest in traditional techniques of the neoclassical or neo-Baroque style. Around this time he frequently revisited the metaphysical themes of his previous works. Learn more »

Paintings by Giorgio de Chirico in Chronological Order

Portrait of Andrea, brother of the artist, 1910 The Enigma of the Oracle, 1910 Portrait of artist’s mother, 1911
Self Portrait, 1911 The Enigma of the Hour, 1911 Hector and Andromache, 1912
The Enigma of the Arrival and the Afternoon, 1912 An Amazon, 1913 Ariana, the silent statue, 1913
Melancholy of a Beautiful Day, 1913 Piazza d’Italia, 1913 Portrait of senora Gartzen, 1913
The anxious journey, 1913 The Awakening of Ariadne, 1913 The dream turns, 1913
The Great Tower, 1913 The Nostalgia of the Infinite, c.1911-1913 The Red Tower, 1913
The Soothsayer’s Recompense, 1913 The Uncertainty of the Poet, 1913 Christ and the Storm, 1914
Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure), 1914 Mystery and Melancholy of a Street, 1914 Portrait of Guillaume Apollinaire, 1914
The anguish of departure, 1914 The Conquest of the Philosopher, 1914 The Nostalgia of the Poet, 1914
The Song of Love, 1914 Turin Spring, 1914 Happiness of returning, 1915
Playthings of the Prince, 1915 The Double Dream of Spring, 1915 The duo (The models of the red tower), 1915
The Evil Genius of a King, 1915 The Profit, 1915 The Vexations of the Thinker, 1915
The Melancholy of Departure, 1916 Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits, 1916 Philosopher and Poet, c.1916
The Gentle Afternoon, 1916 The predictor, 1916 Geometric composition with factory landscape, 1917
The Child’s Brain, 1917 The Great Metaphysician, 1917 The Mathematicians, 1917
The Disquieting Muses, 1916-1918 Two Heads, 1918 Sacred Fish, 1919
Self Portrait, 1920 The pregnant, 1920 Strange travelers, 1922
The Prodigal Son, 1922 The poet’s farewell, 1923 Hector and Andromache, 1924
The Prodigal Son, 1924 Self Portrait, 1925 The Terrible Games, 1925
Archaeologists, 1926 The Bank of Thessaly, 1926 The Spouses, 1926
The Two Masks, 1926 Conversation, 1927 The Archaeologists, 1927
Still life, 1929 Gladiators, 1930 Portrait of Isa, 1933
Portrait of Isa with black dress, 1935 Self Portrait in the Studio, 1935 Portrait of Isa with rose in park, 1938
Still Life with rocky landscape, 1942 Colonial mannequins, 1943 Italian plaza with a red tower, 1943
Bust of Minerva, 1947 Metaphysical Interior of studio, 1948 A horse, c.1949
Horse on the shore of a lake, c.1949 Horses and temple, 1949 Self Portrait, 1949
Two Horses by a Lake, c.1950 Self Portrait in a Park, 1953 Via Appia, 1954
Poster for Fiat 1400, 1957 Metaphysical Triangle, 1958 Self Portrait in a Park, 1959
Self Portrait, c.1960 Self Portrait with Palette, 1960 Still Life with Silver Ware, 1962
The divine horses, 1963 Knights and horses by the sea, c.1964 Portrait of a man, 1965
Still life with flowers in copper bowl, c.1965 Island San Giorgio, 1967 Self Portrait, c.1967
Self Portrait, 1969 Metaphysical Interior with sun which dies, 1971 Plaza Italia (Great Game), 1971
The horses of Apollo, 1974 Rising sun on the plaza, 1976 A troubadur
A Village in Summerset Arab on horseback Archaeologist
Castor and his horse Cavalryman with a Red Hat and a Blue Cloak Cityscape
Climb to the monastery Dioscuri with horse Dying Centaur
Eastern woman’s head Eternity of a moment Fallen horse
Florence, the banks of Arno Furniture in the Valley Gladiators and Lion
Groom with two horses Horses on the run Island and flower garland
Italian Beauty Italian plaza with equestrian statue Italian plaza with monument of poet
Landscape near Genova Landscape of Cascine Landscape with divinity
Lion devouring a piece of meat Old man’s head Paris studio of the artist
Piazza d’Italia Plazzo Ducale (Venice) Portrait of Graziella
Riders Runaway horse with stableboy and pavilion Self Portrait
Self portrait in black costume Silver teapot and cake on a plate Still life in Venetian landscape
The battle of Lapiths and Centaurs The Evangelical still life The Fall
The Fall of Phaeton The Great Machine The horse has gone
The house in the house The one consolation The peasant woman
The Return of Ulysses The tournament The Turk
Vast metaphysical interior Villa Falconieri Villa Medici, pavilion with statue

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