Georges Braque Paintings

Georges Braque (May 13, 1882 – August 31, 1963) was a well-known who, alongside Pablo Picasso, pioneered the art style known as Cubism. Learn more »

Paintings by Georges Braque in Chronological Order

Grandmother’s Friend, 1900 Antwerp Harbor, 1905 Estaque, the harbour, 1906
La Ciotat Harbor, 1906 Port of Antwerp, 1906 Still Life with Jugs and Pipe, 1906
The Estaque, 1906 The Harbor, 1906 The Port of Antwerp: the Mast, 1906
Yellow Seacoast, 1906 Landscape near Antwerp, 1906 Ciotat, 1907
Landscape at La Ciotat, 1907 Landscape of Estaque, 1907 Little Bay at La Ciotat, 1907
Terrace of Hotel “Mistral” at Estaque, 1907 A House at Estaque, 1908 Big trees at Estaque, 1908
Houses at Estaque, 1908 Napkin, knife and pore, 1908 Path at Estaque, 1908
Viaduct at Estaque, 1908 Castle at La Roche Guyon, 1909 Fishing boats, c.1909
Glass on a Table, c.1909 Harbor in Normandy, 1909 Head of a Woman, 1909
Piano and Mandolin, c.1909 Still Life with a Metronome, c.1909 The Castle in La Roche Guyon, 1909
The Church of Carrières-Saint-Denis, 1909 The Park at Carrières-Saint-Denis, 1909 The pitcher, 1909
Violin and Palette, 1909 Bottle and Fishes, 1910 Le Sacre Coeur, 1910
Violin and jug, 1910 Violin and pitcher, 1910 Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantelpiece, c.1911
Portrait of a Woman, c.1911 Portuguese, 1911 Still Life with a Pair of Banderillas, 1911
The Candlestick, 1911 Woman Reading, 1911 Homage to J.S. Bach, 1912
Still life BACH, 1912 Still Life with a Bunch of Grapes, 1912 Still life with a violin, 1912
The Fruitdish, 1912 Violin and Clarinet on a Table, 1912 Violin Mozart Kubelick, 1912
Aria de Bach, 1913R Checkerboard Tivoli Cinema , 1913 Fruit Dish, 1913
Pedestal Table, 1913 The Clarinet (Tenora), 1913 The musician’s table, 1913
The Violin Valse , 1913 Violin and Pipe, ‘Le Quotidien’, 1913 Violin and Sheet Music on a Table (Petit Oiseau), 1913
Bottle, 1914 Bottle of Rum, 1914 Glass Carafe and Newspapers, 1914
Man with a Guitar, 1914 Mandolin, 1914 Still Life on a Table with ‘Gillette’, 1914
Still Life with Ace of Hearts, 1914 Still life with Bottle of Bass, 1914 The Bottle of Rum, 1914
The Green Jug, c.1914 Violin Melodie , 1914 Wineglass Bottle of Bass, 1914
Glass, Pipe and Newspaper, 1917 Clarinet, Guitar and Compotier, 1918 Still Life on a Table, 1918
Still Life with a Guitar on a Table, 1918 Still Life with Grapes (II), 1918 The Musician, 1918
A Black Pedestal, 1919 Cafe Bar, 1919 Guitar and Sheet Music, 1919
Still Life with a Guitar, 1919 Still life with glass carafe and phillips ace, 1919 The Sideboard, 1920
Anemones, 1924 Fruit on a Tablecloth with a Fruitdish, 1925 The Mantelpiece, 1925
The Bowl of Grapes, 1926 Still life (with clarinet), 1927 Vase of Tulips, 1927
Boats on the seashore, 1929 Lemons, 1929 Still Life with “Le Jour”, 1929
The Round Table, 1929 The Three Boats, 1929 The Bottle of Marc, 1930
Brown Still Life, 1932 The Pink Napkin, 1933 Still life with red tablecloth, 1934
Still Life with Guitar, 1935 The Yellow Napkin, 1935 The Purple Tablecloth, 1936
Figure double, c.1937 Still Life with Music Scroll, c.1937 The Duet, 1937
Woman with a Mandolin, 1937 The Pedestal, 1938 Still Life Mandolin II, c.1939
The Studio, 1939 Vanitas, 1939 My bicycle, 1941
Two mullets, 1941 A man at the easel, 1942 A Red Pedestal, 1942
Interior with Palette, 1942 The Black Fish, 1942 The Blue Washbasin , 1942
The Patience, 1942 The wash stand,, 1942 Still life with skull, c.1943
Still life with Stairs, 1943 The sunflowers, 1943 A Pumpkin, 1944
The Billiard Table, 1944 The Salon, 1944 Still life with flowers, 1945
Woman at the Mirror, 1945 Woman with Book, 1945 The Blue Jug,, 1946
The Glass of Lilac, 1946 The Packing Case,, 1947YEAR Helios V, Blue-Violet, 1948
Still life with lobster, 1948 The Chair , 1948 The Terrace, 1948
Oysters, 1950 Night, 1951 The Aquarium, 1951
A landscape drawn into squares, c.1952 Under the lamp, 1952 Leaves in color of light, 1953
The Birds, 1953 The Echo, c.1954 The Window Shade, c.1955
Bird Returning to it’s Nest, 1956 A Bird Passing through a Cloud, 1957 Amaryllis, 1958
The Bicycle,, c.1961 The Plow, 1961 The Weeding Machine, 1961
Blue Aquarium, 1962 The Metallic Plow, 1962 Still life
Still Life with Grapes The boat of the flag The Man of the Guitar

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