Franz Richard Unterberger

Franz Richard Unterberger
Born August 15, 1837; Innsbruck, Austria
Died May 25, 1902; Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Nationality Austrian, Belgian
Movement Romanticism
Field Painting
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Franz Richard Unterberger was born on August 15, 1838 in Innsbruck, Australia. He was one of 11 children of an art dealer. Unterberger started his studies in 1853 at the Munich Academy, alongside Julius Lange and Albert Zimmerman. In 1860, Franz continued his studies at Düsseldorf, which was the favored academy for Scandinavian painters studying abroad. Here he produced several atmospheric mountainous scenes. By the 1870’s Unterberger was already exhibiting in major cities across Europe including: Paris, Boston, Munich, Brussels, Berlin and Vienna among others.


motio-of-lake-gardaThroughout his painting career, Unterberger produced many artworks which can be classified into three main genres. Under genre painting he produced: The Last Day of the Harvest and In the Bay of Naples. Under the cityscape genre he produced numerous artworks: the Monreale Road, Palermo, the Amalfi Coast, A View of Posilippo, Motio of Lake Garda, Fishermen on the Terrace, and others. The third type of his artwork is classified under landscape genre, where he produced a few artworks including Monaco, Figures in a Village in the Dolomites, the bay of Naples and Amalfi, and the Gulf of Salerno.

Artistic Techniques

amalfiFranz Unterberger was a romantic style painter of architectures, water scenes and landscapes. He produced most of his artworks using oil on canvas technique. Franz is best recognized for his Italian scenic paintings featuring intimate views and large vistas of Italy’s iconic cities. On the other hand, his romantic atmospheric painting style is still very popular. His artworks are currently displayed in some of the most important museums in Europe and America, while others are owned by private collectors.

Later Years

In the mid 1880’s, Franz exhibited in Venezuela and in London at the International Universal Exhibition. In the 1890’s, most of his paintings revolved around Venetian and South Italian scenes. Franz Richard Unterberger died on May 25th, 1902 in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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  1. Andrea Meekus says:

    He wasn’t born in Innsbruck, Australia. He was born in Innsbruck AUSTRIA!

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