Édouard Vuillard Paintings

Jean-Édouard Vuillard (November 11, 1868 – June 21, 1940) was a French printmaker and painter. He was associated with the Nabis. Learn more »

Paintings by Édouard Vuillard in Chronological Order

Madame Vuillard at Table, 1888 Self-Portrait, 1888 Self-Portrait, 1889
Portrait of Marie Vuillard, 1890 The First Steps, 1890 The Reader, 1890
Autoportrait, 1891 The Flowered Dress, 1891 My Grandmother, 1892
Woman Brushing a Garment, 1892 After the Ball, 1893 Interior of the work-table, 1893
Madame Vuillard Seated, 1893 Man and Woman beneath a Tree, 1893 Seated Woman Dressed in Black, 1893
Breakfast, 1894 Good Children, 1894 The Little Restaurant, 1894
Young Woman in Bed, 1894 Madame Vuillard Cousant, 1895 My Mother, 1895
The Chestnuts, 1895 The End of Breakfast at Madam Vuillard, 1895 The Striped Blouse, 1895
Woman with a Cup of Coffee, 1895 Portrait of Thadée Natanson, 1897 The Sauceboat, 1897
Valloton in Natanson, 1897 The Comb, 1898 First Fruit, 1899
In front of a Tapestry, 1899 The Discussion, 1899 The First Class Compartment, 1899
The two sisters, 1899 The Avenue, 1899 The Cake Shop, 1899
The Damepartie, 1899 The garden outside the workshop, 1899 Valloton and Misia in the Dining Room at Rue Saint-Florentin, 1899
Window overlooking the Woods, 1899 After the lunch, 1900 Madame Vuillard at Table, 1900
Mother and Child, 1900 The Dining Room, 1900 Under the Portico, 1900
Anemones in a Chinese, 1901 Garden in Cannes, 1901 Portrait of Madame Marie des Jardins Fontaine, 1901
Woman with a Hat, 1901 Interior, 1902 Study of a Woman in a Petticoat, 1903
The Table Setting, 1903 Vase of Flowers, 1903 Madame Arthur Fontaine, 1904
Home Maxime, 1905 A Somber Dress, 1907 In the Red Room, 1907
Massif near the house, 1907 Painting of a tennis court Castle Guernon Ranville, 1907 Silver Trees, 1907
Tennis Game by the Sea, 1907 Trees in a Field, 1907 Portrait of a Woman in Profile, 1908
The Tent, 1908 Breton House, 1909 Statuettes on the Mantlepiece, 1909
The Table, 1909 The Vestibule at Saint Jacut de la mer, 1909 Boulevard of Battignolles, 1910
Breakfast at Villerville, 1910 Woman with Black Eyebrows, 1910 Half-figure of a seated woman, 1911
Sacha Guitry in His Dressing Room, 1912 The Salon of Madame Aron, 1912 The Studio, 1912
Theodore Duret, 1912 Woman with Hat, 1912 Figures Eating in a Garden by the Water, 1913
Madame Vuillard at the Hotel, 1913 Woman in Grey in a Lane, 1913 Sea at Sunset, Women on the Shore, 1914
Madame Losse Hessel in Vuillard’s Studio, 1915 Square Berlioz, 1915 Woman in Front of the Fireplace, 1915
Woman in the Studio, 1915 Yvonne Printemps and Sacha Guitry, 1917 Chateau of Fontainebleau, 1919
Studio Interior, Model for the Scenery of La Lepreuse, 1919 Tulips and Statuettes, 1919 Black Dress, 1920
Princess Bibesco (Marthe Lahovary), 1920 Still Life with Flowers, 1921 Romain Coolus, 1930
Flowers on a fireplace in Clayes, 1935 Madame André Wormser and her Children Portrait of Louis Loucheur
The Florist The Green Interior or Figure in front of a Window with Drawn The Thread
The Tuileries Gardens, Paris The Window The friends around the table, St. Jacut

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