Dona i Ocell

Dona i Ocell
Artist Joan Miró and Gardy Artigas
Year 1983
Medium Sculpture
Location Joan Miró Park, Barcelona
Dimensions 72 ft × 9.8 ft
22 m × 3 m
Joan Miró Famous Artwork
The Tilled Field, 1924
The Farm, 1921–1922
Dona i Ocell, 1983
Still Life with Old Shoe, 1937
Portrait of Vincent Nubiola, 1917
Hands flying off toward the constellations, 1974
Complete Works

Dona i Ocell is a collaborative sculpture by Spanish artist Joan Miró that was unveiled in Barcelona’s Joan Miró Park in 1983. It is a commissioned sculpture and Miró worked with Joan Gardy Artigas, with whom he had collaborated before, on the piece.


Dona i Ocell is Catalan for Woman and Bird, and is one of several works the artist executed with these themes. The work is somewhat risqué in its phallic shape, a deliberate reference to the Catalan word for bird being also used as a slang term for a penis. The large ovate opening down the main shaft, lined in black tiles, is a representation of the female vulva.

A large hole runs through the glans at the top of the phallus. The phallus is surmounted by a large tube, on top of which sits a representation of a bull’s horns.

Several areas of the surface of the sculpture are covered in brightly colored mosaic tiles. The tiling was done by Artigas with Miró’s design and is influenced by Roman sculptures with a similar theme.

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