Apparatus and Hand

Apparatus and Hand
Artist Salvador Dalí
Year 1927
Medium Oil on panel
Location Salvador Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida
Dimensions 24 in × 18.7 in
62 cm × 47.5 cm
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The painting Apparatus and Hand was painted by Salvador Dalí in the year 1927. This is an oil on panel which is a clear example of the Surrealistic style, for which Dalí was very famous for. This is basically a depiction of a geometric shape made of triangles and cones, out of which one can see a red hand coming out from the top part. Around this shape one can see a number of nude women and torsos on a light blue background. On the left one can see a donkey on its hind legs with several flies on him. This is regarded as an indication that ultimately even the apparatus is bound to degrade and decompose in time, just like any other creature.

Artistic Techniques

The hand that comes out from the shape is essentially an indication of Onanism. The female figures represent erotic thoughts from the apparatus. This was all inspired by the Freudian period of that time.

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  1. Robert says:

    great simple article that well summarize the painting itself

  2. Stephen Suttle says:

    There are prints of this painting.
    I was told that Dali did not approve the
    prints. Is this true?

    Thank you for your help

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