Ansidei Madonna

Ansidei Madonna
Artist Raphael
Year 1505-1507
Medium Oil on wood (poplar)
Location National Gallery, London
Dimensions 85.4 in × 58.1 in
216.8 cm × 147.6 cm

The Ansidei Madonna was painted by the Renaissance Italian artist, Raphael. It was created between 1505 to 1507. The medium used was oil on wood. The dimensions of the painting are 216.8 centimetres by 147.6 centimetres. The Ansidei Madonna is currently housed at the National Gallery, London. It is very clear in the painting that the influence of the Umbrian school during the Florentine period, on expressing divinity was present. The National Gallery has dubbed this painting as one of the best in history that also embodies the best of Christianity. There is a serene feel to it that seems to attract the viewer to the very soul of the subject.

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