Woodrow Wilson Lesson Plan


  1. To introduce students to the life and presidency of Woodrow Wilson.
  2. To examine Wilson’s domestic and foreign policies, including his role in World War I and the League of Nations.
  3. To encourage students to analyze the impact and legacy of Wilson’s policies on American history.

Duration: 50 minutes

Lesson Outline

I. Introduction (10 minutes)

A. Begin the class with a brief introduction to Woodrow Wilson: 1. Explain that Wilson was the 28th President of the United States, serving from 1913 to 1921. 2. Mention that Wilson was a progressive leader who played a significant role in shaping America’s domestic and foreign policies.

B. Ask students if they have heard of Woodrow Wilson and what they know about him.

C. Distribute the handout on Woodrow Wilson and review the key points.

II. Wilson’s Life and Early Career (10 minutes)

A. Discuss Woodrow Wilson’s background and early career: 1. His education and work as a professor and university president. 2. His tenure as Governor of New Jersey.

B. Introduce Wilson’s progressive ideals and his campaign for the presidency.

III. Wilson’s Domestic Policies (10 minutes)

A. Discuss Wilson’s domestic policies, including: 1. The New Freedom program. 2. The Federal Reserve Act. 3. The Clayton Antitrust Act. 4. The creation of the Federal Trade Commission.

B. Show a video clip or primary source related to Wilson’s domestic policies and discuss its significance.

IV. Wilson’s Foreign Policies and World War I (15 minutes)

A. Examine Wilson’s foreign policies, focusing on his role in World War I: 1. American neutrality and the eventual entry into the war. 2. Wilson’s Fourteen Points. 3. The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.

B. Show a video clip or primary source related to Wilson’s foreign policies and discuss its significance.

C. Discuss the impact of World War I on American society and politics.

V. Conclusion (5 minutes)

A. Engage students in a discussion on the legacy of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency: 1. How did his domestic policies shape American progressivism? 2. What are the lasting effects of his foreign policies and the League of Nations?

B. Summarize the key points of the lesson and encourage students to further explore Wilson’s presidency and its impact on American history.