Without Hope

Without Hope
Artist Frida Kahlo
Year 1945
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Collection of Dolores Olmedo Mexico City, Mexico
Dimensions 11 x 14 in
28 x 36 cm
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Without Hope, 1945
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The painting Without Hope by Frida Kahlo is a very gloomy depiction that makes one think of sickness and death. In fact Frida Kahlo painted this painting in 1945 when she was going through a very difficult time health-wise. She suffered from lack of appetite due to the several illnesses she suffered and the numerous surgeries she had to undergo. This painting in fact signifies the forced diet that she had been prescribed by her doctor. Instead of holding her painting, the wooden canvas that is depicted in the painting is holding a funnel which is being used to feed her as she is lying in bed.

About the Painting

The sadness and helplessness of Frida Kahlo is evident in this painting. The skull in the upper part of the painting shows that she has truly given up hope, just as the name of this painting is. The painting is an oil on canvas mounted on masonite.