William Turner Paintings

William Turner (November 12, 1789 – August 7, 1862) was an English painter who concentrated on watercolor landscapes. He was a contemporary of the more famous artist J. M. W. Turner, who had a similar style. He is often referred to as Turner of Oxford to distinguish him from his namesake. Many of Turner”s paintings conveyed Oxford”s countryside. One of his best known art is a Hinskey Hill view of Oxford. Learn more »

Paintings by William Turner in Chronological Order

The Pantheon, the Morning after the Fire, 1792 Cathedral Church at Lincoln, 1795 Fishermen at Sea, c.1796
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1796 Moonlight, A Study at Millbank, 1797 Buttermere Lake, a Shower, c.1798
Morning Amongst the Coniston Fells, Cumberland, 1798 Dolbadern Castle, 1799 Norham Castle, Sunrise, 1798
Caernarvon Castle, 1799 Perspective View of Fonthill Abbey from the South West, c.1799 Self-Portrait, 1799
South View of Christ Church, from the Meadows, 1799 The Fifth Plague of Egypt, 1800 Dutch Boats in a Gale, 1801
Dutch Boats in a Gale, 1801 Dutch Fishing Boats in a Storm, 1801 Pembroke Caselt, South Wales, Thunder Storm Approaching, 1801
Lake Lucerne, 1802 Ships Bearing up for Anchorage (“The Egremont Sea Piece”), 1802 Bonneville, Savoy with Mont Blanc, 1803
Calais Pier, with French Poissards Preparing for Sea, an English Packeet Arriving, 1803 Glacier and Source of the Arveron, Going Up to the Mer de Glace, 1803 The Festival of the Opening of the Vintage, Macon, 1803
The Passage of the St. Gothard, 1804 Interior of Salisbury Cathedral, c.1805 The Shipwreck, c.1805
The Lake of Thun, Switzerland, c.1806 Windsor Castle from the Thames, c.1806 Sun Rising through Vagour Fishermen Cleaning and Sellilng Fish, 1807
The Thames near Walton Bridges, c.1807 Tree Tops and Sky, Guildford Castle, 1807 Pope”s Villa, at Twickenham, 1808
The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory, 1808 London, 1809 Ploughing up Turnips, near Slough, 1809
The big connection channel at Southall Mill, 1810 The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons, 1810 The Lake Geneva seen from Montreux, 1810
The Wreck of a Transport Ship, c.1810 Scarborough Town and Castle. Morning.Boys Catching Crabs, 1811 Snow Storm, Hannibal and His Army Crossing the Alps, c.1812
The Mew Stone at the Entrance of Plymouth Sound, c.1814 Crossing the Brook, 1815 Dido Building Carthage, 1815
The Battle of Fort Rock, Val d”Aoste, Piedmont, 1815 Pendennis Castle, Cornwall Scene after a Wreck, c.1816 The Vale of Ashburnham, 1816
Landscape Composition of Tivoli, 1817 Mount Vesuvius in Eruption, 1817 The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire, 1817
A First Rate Taking In Stores, 1818 Dort, the Dort Packet Boat from Rotterdam Bacalmed, c.1818 Raby Castle, Residence of the Earl of Darlington, 1818
Raby Castle, Residence of the Earl of Darlington, 1818 Heriot”s Hospital, Edinburgh, c.1819 Rome, The Forum with a Rainbow, 1819
San Giorgio Maggiore in the Morning,, 1819 St. Peter”s from the south, 1819 Venice, Looking East from the Guidecca, Sunrise, , 1819
Rome from the Vatican, 1820 Rome, The Colosseum, 1820 Norham Castle on the Tweed, c.1820
What You Will!, 1822 A Storm (Shipwreck), 1823 Childe Harold, 1823
Norham Castle, on the River Tweed, 1823 Rye, Sussex, c.1823 The Bay of Baiae, with Apollo and the Sibyl, c.1823
Arundel Castle, with Rainbow, 1824 Rhodes (for Lord Byron”s Works), 1824 The Bass Rock, for The Provincial Antiquities of Scotland, c.1824
Rivaulx Abbey, Yorkshire, c.1825 Shipwreck off Hastings, c.1825 Storm Clouds Sunset, c.1825
Fall of the Trees, Yorkshire, c.1826 Mortlake Terrace, 1826 Okehampton, c.1826
Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland, 1826 View from the Terrace of a Villa at Niton, Isle of Wight, from sketches by a lady, 1826 Cowes, Isle of Wight, c.1827
Louth, Lincolnshire, c.1827 A Ship Aground, c.1828 Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, c.1828
Archway with Trees by the Sea, c.1828 Ariccia Sunset, c.1828 Carisbrook Castle, Isle of Wight, c.1828
Chichester Canal, c.1828 East Cowes Castle, the seat of J.Nash, Esq. the Regatta beating to windward, 1828 Hill Town on the Edge of the Campagna, c.1828
Interior at Petworth, 1828 Petworth Park, Tillington Church in the Distance, c.1828 Petworth, the Drawing room, Bodycolor on blue paper, c.1828
Playing Billiards, Petworth, c.1828 Stonehenge, c.1828 The Chain Pier, Brighton, c.1828
The Lake, Petworth sunset, fighting bucks, c.1829 Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus, 1829 View of Orvieto, 1829
Virginia Water, c.1829 Death on a Pale Horse, 1830 Kenilworth Castle, c.1830
Rocky Bay with Figures, c.1830 Scene on the Loire, 1830 Caligula”s Palace and Bridge, 1831
Fort Vimieux, 1831 Staffa, Fingal”s Cave, 1832 View over Town at Suset, a Cemetery in The Foreground, 1832
Bridge of Sighs, Ducal Palace and Custom House, Venice Canaletti Painting, 1833 Quillebeuf, at the Mouth of Seine, 1833 The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1834
The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1834 The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1834 Wreckers Coast of Northumberland, c.1834
Dinner in a Great Room with Figures- in Costume, c.1835 Fire at Sea, c.1835 Landscape with a River and a Bay in the Background, 1835
Longship Lighthouse, Lands End, c.1835 Music Company, Petworth, c.1835 The Bright Stone of Honour (Ehrenbreitstein) and the Tomb of Marceau, from Byron”s “Childe Harold”, 1835
The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1835 The High Street, Oxford, 1835 Two women and a letter, c.1835
Yacht Approaching the Coast, 1835 Rome from Mount Aventine, 1836 Hero and Leander”s farewell, 1837
Interior of Petworth House, c.1837 Regulus, 1837 Ancient Italy. Ovid Banished from Rome, 1838
Flint Castle, 1838 Ancient Rome Agrippina Landing with the Ashes of Germanicus, 1839 The “Fighting Temeraire” Tugged to her Last Berth to be Broken up, c.1839
Ehrenbrietstein and Coblenz, 1840 Sunrise, with a Boat between Headlands, 1840 The Slave Ship, 1840
Venice, seen from the Giudecca Canal, 1840 Giudecca, la Donna della Salute and San Georgio, 1841 Goldau, 1841
Hafod, 1841 South of Bellinzona, 1841 Campo Santo, Venice, 1841
Peace, c.1842 Storm Seam Boat off a Harbour”s Mouth Making Signals in Shallow Water, and Going by the Lead, c.1842 The Blue Rigi Lake of Lucerne Sunrise, 1482
The Dogana, San Giorgio, Citella, From the Steps of the Europa, 1842 Approach to Venice, 1843 Shade and Darkness, The Evening of The Deluge, 1843
The Morning after the Deluge, c.1843 Brunnen, from the Lake of Lucerne, 1845 Norham Castle, Sunrise, 1845
Sunrise with Sea Monsters, c.1845 Whalers, 1845 Heidelberg, c.1846
The Angel Standing in the Sun, 1846 Undine Giving the Ring to Massaniello, Fisherman of Naples, 1846 The Brunig Pass, from Meringen, 1848
Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus, c.1848 Mercury Sent to Admonish Aeneas, 1850 A bed, drapery study
A Canal Tunnel Near Leeds Abergavenny Bridge, Monmountshire -clearing up after a showery day Atelier
Boscastle, Cornwall Conway Castle Departure of the Fleet
Dover Castle Falmouth Harbour, Cornwall Folkestone from the Sea
Folkestone from the Sea Genda Ingleborough From The Terrace Of Hornby Castle
Interior of Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire Ivy Bridge, Devonshire Keelmen heaving in coals by night
Keyes Mill Kilchern Castle, with the Cruchan Ben Mountains, Scotland Noon Lancaster Sands
Melrose Abbey Mont Blanc from Fort Roch, Val D”Aosta Mountain Stream, Coniston
Old London Brige One bedroom Painter at the easel
Passage of Mount Cenis Portsmouth Rain Steam and Speed, The Great Western Railwa
Rainbow Rome From Monte Testaccio Salon
Salon Shipwreck St. Erasmus in Bishop Islips Chapel, Westminster Abbey
Stamford Sunrise, Whiting Fishing at Margate Tabley, the Seat of Sir J.F. Leicester Bt.: Windy Day
The Battle of Trafalgar The Chapter House, Salisbury Chathedral The Devil”s Bridge, St. Gothard
The Exile and the Snail The Grand Canal Scene, A Street In Venice The Grand Canal, Venice, engraved by William Miller
The Nordgalerie Totnes, in the River Dart Transept of Ewenny Priory, Glamorganshire
Valley of The Brook Kedron Venedig View of Saint Germain ea Laye and Its Chateau
Welsh Bridge at Shrewsbury Weymouth Whitby
Wilderness A Engedi & Convent of Santa Saba