William-Adolphe Bouguereau Paintings

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (November 30, 1825 – August 19, 1905) was a French academic and traditionalist painter. In his paintings (realistic genre) he utilized mythological themes, producing modern interpretations of Classical subjects, concentrating on and emphasizing the female human body. Learn more »

Paintings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau in Alphabetical Order

A Childhood Idyll, 1900 A Little Coaxing, 1890 A Portrait of Amelina Dufaud, 1850
A Portrait of Eug ne Bouguereau, 1850 A moment of rest, 1900 Adolphus Child And Teen, 1878
Adornment fields All Saints Day, 1859 Alone in the world
Apples, 1897 Art and Literature, c.1867 At the Edge of the Brook, 1875
At the Edge of the Brook, 1879 At The Fountain, 1897 Bacchante, 1894
Back Fields, 1898 Before The Bath, 1900 Berceuse, 1875
Branche de Laurier, 1900 Breton Brother and Sister, 1871 Brother and Sister, 1887
Child Braiding A Crown, 1874 Compassion, 1897 Daisies, 1894
Drawing of a Woman During the Storm Earrings, 1891
Elizabeth By the Seashore Elpieglerie, 1895 Faneuse, 1869
William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1867 Far from home, 1874 Far Niente, 1904
Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 1880 Francois Flameng and Paul Helleu, c.1880 Girl Holding Lemons, 1899
Gleaners, 1894 Gypsy Girl with a Basque Drum, 1867 Harvester, 1875
Head Of A Little Girl, 1888 Head Of A Young Girl, 1898 Head Study of Female Face Blonde, 1898
Head Study of Female Face Blonde, 1898 Her First Jewels, 1891 Homer and his Guide, 1874
In Penitence, 1895 Innocence Inspiration, 1898
Irene, 1897 Italian Girl Drawing Water, 1871 Italian Woman with Tambourine, 1869
Knitting machine, 1879 Knitting machine, 1884 Lady Maxwell, 1890
Lady with Glove, 1870 Lambs, 1897 Lidylle, 1850
Little beggar, 1890 Little Esmeralda, 1874 Little sulky, 1871
Little sulky, 1888 Madame la Comtesse de Cambaceres, 1895 Marguerite, 1868
Marguerite, 1903 Maternal Admiration, 1869 Meditation, 1885
Meditation, 1902 Mignon, 1869 Modesty, 1902
Moissoneuse, 1868 Mother and Children, 1879 On Greve, 1896
Our Lady of the Angels Pandora Parure des Champs, 1884
Passage gue Pieta, 1876 Pleasant Burden, 1895
Plums, c.1896 Portrait of a young girl, c.1896 Portrait of a Young Girl
Portrait of a Young Girl Crocheting, 1889 Portrait of Genevieve Celine, 1850 Portrait of Léonie Bouguereau, 1850
Portrait of Madame Olry Roederer, 1900 Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Gardner, 1879 Portrait of Mlle Brissac, 1863
Portrait of Monsieur M. Portrait of the Artist, 1879 Portrait of Gabrielle Cot, 1890
Prayer, 1878 Prayer at Sainte Anne d Auray, 1869 Priestess, 1902
Psyche, 1892 Reflexion, 1897 Rest in Harvest, c.1865
Return from the Harvest, c.1878 Reverie, 1894 Sainte Famille, 1863
Self-Portrait Presented To M. Sage, 1886 Shepherdess, 1889 Sketch of a Young Woman
Sleep, 1864 Small marauding, c.1872 Song of the Angels, 1881
Soup, 1865 Study for Vierge aux anges Study of a Seated Veiled Female Figure
Study Of A Woman For Offering To Love Study of a Young Girl s Head, 1860-c.1870 Study of the Head of Elize, 1895-1896
Teen and Children, 1895 The Bohemian, 1890 The Broken Pitcher, 1891
The Bunch Of Grapes, 1868 The Countess de Montholon The Curtsey, 1898
The Elder Sister The Goose Girl, 1891 The Knitting Girl, 1869
The Little Marauder, 1900 The Madonna of the Roses, 1903 The Nut Gatherers, 1882
The Palm Leaf The Pastoral Recreation, 1868 The Prayer, 1865
The Proposal, 1872 The Secret, c.1876 The Shell, 1871
The Shepherdess, 1873 The Snack, c.1895 The Song of the Nightingale
The Spinner, 1873 The Thank Offering, 1867 The Veil, 1898
The Virgin with Angels, c.1900 The Virgin, Jesus and Saint John Baptist, 1875 The Virgin, Jesus and Saint John Baptist, 1881
The Water Girl (Young Girl Going to the Spring), 1885 The Young Shepherdess, 1885 The bird Ch ri, 1867
The chilly, 1879 The Crab, 1869 The dressmaker, 1898
The Madonna of the Lilies, 1899 The return of the market, 1869 Tobias Receives his Father’s Blessing, 1860
Two Sisters, 1901 Work Interrupted, 1891 Yvonne, 1896

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