Vladimir Tatlin Paintings

Vladimir Yevgraphovich Tatlin (December 28, 1885 – May 31, 1953) was a Russian architect and painter. Two most important figures in the Russian avant-garde art movement of the 1920s were Tatlin and Kazimir Malevich. Later in life he became a prominent artist in the Constructivist movement. The Monument to the Third International are one of his most famous creations. Learn more »

Paintings by Vladimir Tatlin in Chronological Order

The Fishmonger, 1911 Portrait of the artist, 1912 The Sailor (Self Portrait), 1912
Counter relief Relief, 1913 Sketch for stage set, Glinka's Ivan Susanin, 1914
Tatlin Relief 2, 1914 Board Number 1 (Staro-Basmannaya Street), 1916 Composition (the month of May), 1916
Tabla Number 1, 1917 Model of the monument III International, 1920 Monument to commemorate the Third International, 1920
Monument to the Third International, 1920 Letatlin, 1932 Woman's Portrait, 1933
Flowers, 1940 Meat, 1947 A Skull on the Open Book, 1950
Flower-Piece Sketch for stage set, Glinka's King Life

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