Vision of a Knight

Vision of a Knight
Artist Raphael
Year 1504
Medium Egg tempera on poplar
Location National Gallery, London
Dimensions 6.7 in × 6.7 in
17.1 cm × 17.1 cm

Vision of a Knight is a painting created by Raphael Sanzio (more widely known as Raphael). It was painted in the year 1504. The medium used was egg tempera on poplar. It measures 17.1 centimeters by 17.1 centimeters. It is currently housed at the National Gallery in London. There are several theories as to what the artwork represents. Some say the knight refers to Scipio Africanus, a Roman general who was having a dilemma in his dream: he was conflicted with choosing between virtue or pleasure. The females are said to represent the ideal characteristics of the knight as the objects they hold could represent some ideals.