Viktor Vasnetsov Paintings

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov (May 15, 1848, Lop'jal near Vyatka — July 23, 1926, Moscow) was a Russian artist who preferred historical and mythological subjects. He was a key figure in the Russian revivalist art movement and a co-founder of romantic modernism/folklorism. Learn more »

Paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov in Chronological Order

Reaper, 1867 Portrait of the Artist Arkhip Kuinji, 1869 Beggars singer (Pilgrims), 1873
Self portrait, 1873 Tea drinking in a Tavern, 1874 At a Bookseller s, 1876
Moving House, 1876 Acrobats (Festival in a Paris Suburb), 1877 Acrobats (On a holiday near Paris), 1877
The farmer with a sixth (study), 1877 A Knight At the Crossroads, 1878 After the carnage Igor Svyatoslavich with Polovtsy (sketch), 1878
News from the Front, 1878 News of the capture of Kars, 1878 Playmates, 1878
Portrait of the Artist AM Vasnetsov, 1878 Portrait of V. Vasnetsov the Artist's Wife, 1878 The head of the peasant, 1878
Vyatka River, 1878 A Game of Preference, 1879 Ochtir, 1879
Three Tsarevnas of the Underground Kingdom, 1879 After Prince Igor`s Battle with the Polovtsy, 1880 Alyonushka, 1880
Bayan (sketch), 1880 For water, 1880 Pond in Akhtyrka, 1880
Pond in Ochtir, 1880 Samolet, 1880 Sedge, 1880
The valley of the river near the village of Vori whorl, landscape with children, 1880 Alenushka, 1881 Alyonushka, 1881
Alyonushka(study), 1881 Bogatyrs, 1881 Edge of the spruce forest, 1881
Landscape under Abramtzevo, 1881 Lull, 1881 In a suit buffoon, 1882
Spring, 1882 St. Sergiy Radonezhskiy, 1882 A knight, 1883
Ivan Petrov, a Peasant from Vladimir Province, 1883 Oak Grove at Abramtsevo, 1883 Portrait of Natalia Anatolevna Mammoth, 1883
Portrait of sculptor Mark Matveevitch Antokolsky, 1884 Portrait of Tatjana A. Mamontowa, 1884 Portrait of the artist Nikolai Kuznetsov, 1884
Portrait of V. Mamontova, 1884 Three princess of the Underworld, 1884 Underwater tower, 1884
Berendeyki, 1885 Ded Moroz, 1885 Herald, 1885
Jesters, 1885 Kupava, 1885 Maiden, 1885
Mizgir, 1885 Nina Slobodka Berendeevka, 1885 Prologue, 1885
Solitary and Bobylikha, 1885 Timber and Berendeys guys, 1885 Vesna Krasna, 1885
Wise King Berendey, 1885 Yarilin Valley, 1885 Snegurochka and Lel, 1886
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, 1887 Portrait of Victor Goshkevich, the Founder of the Historic Aarchaeological Museum in Kherson, 1887 Headed Duck hunter, 1889
Ivan Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf, 1889 Portrait of Boris Vasnetsov, son of the artist, 1889 Baptism of Prince Vladimir, 1890
Chapel over the tomb of Alexander Mamontov in Abramtsevo, 1891 Portrait of Michael Vasnetsov, the Artist`s Son, 1892 Alexander Nevsky, 1893
Baptism of Prince Vladimir, Fragment of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, 1893 Nestor the Chronicler, 1893 Princess Eudoxia, 1893
Princess Olga, 1893 Saint Alipiy the Iconographer, 1893 Sketches of ornaments painted Vladimir Cathedral, 1893
Sketches of ornaments painted Vladimir Cathedral, 1893 The Virgin and Child Enthroned, 1893 Portrait of Helena Adrianovny Prahovo, 1894
Angel with a lamp, 1896 Bliss of paradise, 1896 Cathedral of Saints of the Universal Church, 1896
Christ Almighty, 1896 Crucified Christ, 1896 God of hosts, 1896
Judgement Day, 1896 Mounted knights, 1896 Portrait of Vera Savvishna Mammoth, 1896
Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky, 1896 Russian Bishops, 1896 Seraphim, 1896
Seraphim, 1896 Sirin and Alkonost The Birds of Joy and Sorrow, 1896 The Baptism of Russia, 1896
The Chronicler Nestor, 1896 Gamaun, The prophetic bird, 1897 Portrait of Tatyana Vasnetsova, the Artist`s Daughter, 1897
Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible, 1897 The project of the Russian pavilion at the Paris Exhibition, 1898 Funeral Feast for Oleg, 1899
Guslars, 1899 Oleg at his horse`s remains, 1899 Oleg meets wizard, 1899
Oleg`s farewell to his horce, 1899 Portrait of Vladimir Vasnetsov, the Artist`s Son, 1899 Snow Maiden, 1899
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