Vasily Vereshchagin Paintings

Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin (October 26, 1842 – April 13, 1904) was a very well-known Russian war painter and one of the first Russian artists to be widely recognized outside of Russia. His realist scenes were often too graphic to be printed and exhibited publicly. Learn more »

Paintings by Vasily Vereshchagin in Chronological Order

Presentation of the bosses (Russian officer and Caucasians), 1864 Warrant Officer Hassan-Beck Dzhagranov, 1864 Burlak who hold hands on the strap, 1866
Burlak with the cap in his hand, 1866 Burlaks, 1866 Elbrus, 1867
Kazakh with his national headdress, c.1867 Kazakh with fur hat, c.1867 Portrait of a bacha, c.1867
Afghan, 1868 After failure, 1868 After Success, 1868
Boy-Uzbek, 1868 Lully (Gypsy), 1868 Eaters of opium, 1868
Ruins in Chuguchak, 1869 A Garden gate in Chuguchak, 1870 Afghan, 1870
Arab on camel, 1870 Beggars in Samarkand, 1870 Camel in the courtyard of caravanserai, 1870
China tent, 1870 Chorus of Dervishes, begging. Tashkent, 1870 Dervishes in holiday costumes. Tashkent, 1870
Dutar-player, 1870 Eunuch at the door of the harem, 1870 Gur Emir Mausoleum. Samarkand, 1870
In the Alatau mountains, 1870 Kalmyk chapel, 1870 Kalmyk-lama, 1870
Kyrgyz, 1870 Kyrgyz tent on the Chu River, 1870 Main Street in Samarkand, from the height of the citadel in the early morning, 1870
Mausoleum of Shah-i-Zinda in Samarkand, 1870 Migrations Kirghiz, 1870 Nomadic road in the mountains of Ala Tau, 1870
Politicians in opium shop. Tashkent., 1870 Ruins of a Theater in Chuguchak, 1870 Samarkand, 1870
Shir Dor madrasah in Registan Square in Samarkand, 1870 The children of the tribe Solonov, 1870 The interior of the yurt of rich Kirghiz, 1870
The ruins of the Chinese shrine. Ak-Kent, 1870 A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon, 1871 At the Fortress Walls. Let them Enter, 1871
Tamerlan”s gate, 1871 The Apotheosis of War, 1871 Unawares attack, 1871
Present trophies, 1872 The Doors of Tamerlane, 1872 The Sale of the Child Slave, 1872
Triumph, 1872 About the war, 1873 At the Door of a Mosque, 1873
Bukhara soldiers (Sarbaz), 1873 Chinese, 1873 Indian, 1873
Kalmyk-lama, 1873 Looking out, 1873 Mortally Wounded, 1873
Mullah Rahim and Mullah Karim quarrel on his way to the market, 1873 Temple in Tokyo, 1873 Turkestan officer, when there will no campaign, 1873
Turkestan soldiers in the winter form, 1873 Uzbek dishes seller, 1873 Uzbek Woman in Tashkent, 1873
Bhil, 1874 Buddhist temple in Darjeeling. Sikkim, 1874 Evening on the lake. One of the pavilions on the marble promenade in Radzhnagar (Principality of Udaipur), 1874
Radzhnagar. Marble, adorned with bas-reliefs quay on the lake in Udaipur, 1874 Buddhist lama in a monastery on a holiday Pemionchi. Sikkim, 1875 Buddhist Prayer Machine, 1875
Coolie (porter), 1875 Gate near the Qutub Minar. Old Delhi, 1875 Glacier on the way from Kashmir to Ladakh, 1875
Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, 1875 Himalayan ponies, 1875 Himalayas in the evening, 1875
Himalayas. The main peak, 1875 Indian motif, 1875 Monastery in a Rock. Ladakh, 1875
Mountain stream in Kashmir, 1875 Posthumous monuments in Ladakh, 1875 The three main gods in a Chingacheling Buddhist monastery in Sikkim, 1875
Throne Hall of the Great Mughal Shah Jahan and Aurang-Zeb in Delhi Fort, 1875 Vehicle in Delhi, 1875 Vehicle of rich people in Delhi, 1875
Yaqui, 1875 Bania (trader). Bombay, 1876 Brahminic temple in Adelnure, 1876
Fakir, 1876 Fakirs, 1876 In India. Himalayas snow, 1876
Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque), Agra, 1876 Parsi priest (fire-worshiper). Bombay, 1876 Roses in Ladakh, 1876
Sowar, the Messenger of the Government, 1876 Statue of Vishnu in the temple of Indra in Ellora, 1876 Taj Mahal Mausoleum, 1876
Taj Mahal Mausoleum, 1876 The colonnade in the Jain temple at Mount Abu in the evening, 1876 Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti in Fatehpur Sikri, 1876
West Tibetans, 1876 Cart for the Wounded, 1877 Moving columns of M.D. Skobelev through the Balkans, 1878
Corner of the Turkish Redoubt Captured on May 30 but Abandoned on May 31, 1877 Bashi-bazouk (Albanian), 1878 Frozen corpses of Turkish soldiers, 1878
Picket in the Balkan Mountains, c.1878 Soldiers in the snow, 1878 At Shipka all is quiet , 1879
Defeated. Requiem, 1879 Dressing station, 1879 Picket on the Danube, 1879
Shipka field, 1879 Spy, 1879 Two hawks (Bashi-bazouk), 1879
Winners, 1879 Site of the Battle Fought on July 18, 1877 in front of the Krishin Redoubt near Plevna, 1880 The rider in Jaipur, c.1880
After the attack. Dressing station near Plevna, 1881 Before the attack. At Plevna, 1881 Mounted Warrior in Jaipur, c.1881
Snowy trenches (Russian position on the Shipka Pass), 1881 Cannon, 1883 Moslem Servant, 1883
Blowing from Guns in British India, 1884 Two Jews, 1884 In Jerusalem. Royal tombs, 1885
Solomon”s Wall, 1885 Before the Confession at the Entrance to a Village Church, 1888 Interior of the Church of St. John the Evangelist on the Ishna near Rostov Yaroslavsky, 1888
Retired Butler, 1888 The iconostasis of the church of John the Theologian on Ishna near Rostov Yaroslavsky, 1888 The porch of the church of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo. Yaroslavl, 1888
Beggar, Ninety Six Years Old, c.1891 Carved pillar in the refectory of the Petropavlovsk church in the village Puchugi in Vologda province, 1894 Interior of the Wooden Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Puchug, 1894
The icon of St. Nicholas with headwater Pinega, 1894 The Northern Dvina, 1894 Zyrian, 1894
At Gorodnia. Breakthrough or Withdraw, 1895 At the Assumption Cathedral, 1895 Bayonet Charge. Hurrah-Hurrah, 1895
Captured with arms – Shoot them, 1895 In the Kremlin – A Fire, 1895 Napoleon in the Petroff Palace, 1895
On the road. Retreat and escape, 1895 On the Way. Bad News From France, 1895 The Return from the Petroff Palace, 1895
Wait. Let them come nearer, 1895 Cape Fiolent near Sevastopol, 1897 Napoleon near Borodino, 1897
The entrance door to the church under the Kazbek, 1897 The Night Bivouac of the Great Army, 1897 In Defeated Moscow ( Arsonists or Shooting in the Kremlin), 1898
Kazbek, 1898 The Mount Kazbek, 1898 Marshal Davout in the Chudovo Convent, 1900
Napoleon and general Lauriston ( Peace at all costs), 1900 The end of Borodino battle, 190 In the Hospital, 1901
Interrogation of the renegade, c.1901 Interrupted Letter, 1901 Spy, 1901
Wounded, 1901 Japanese, 1903 In a Boat, 1904
Japanese Beggar, c.1904 Japanese Priest, 1904 Sinto Temple in Nikko, c.1904
Before Moscow – waiting for the deputation of boyars Cannibal Crimean mountains
Entrance to a Temple in Nikko In the mountains In the park
Japanese Woman Kurile Islands Kyrgyz girl
On the Bridge Passage of Barskaun Protection of Holy Trinity Monastery
Riders, swimming the river Sea Sukhum-Kale
Trinity Sunday. Village Kolomna Russian Camp in Turkestan