Umberto Boccioni Paintings

Umberto Boccioni (October 19, 1882 – August 17, 1916), born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, was an Italian sculptor and painter. Like other Futurists, his work concentrated on the depiction of technology, speed, and movement (dynamism). Learn more »

Paintings by Umberto Boccioni in Chronological Order

Young Man on a Riverbank, 1902 Car and Hunting Fox, 1904 Cloister of S. Onofrio, 1904
Self-portrait, 1905 Self-portrait, 1905 The Signora Virginia, 1905
Mother and Child, 1906 Adriana Bisi Fabbri, 1907 Boats in Sunlight, 1907
María Sacchi Reading, 1907 The Grand Canal in Venice, 1907 Virgilio Brocchi, 1907
Agitate Crowd Surrounding a High Equestrian Monument, 1908 April Evening, 1908 Campagna, 1908
Countryside with Trees, 1908 Farmers at work (Risaiole), 1908 Homage to Mother, 1908
Moorland, 1908 Passing Train, 1908 Pianist and Listener, 1908
Seated woman, c.1908 Self-portrait, 1908 Signora Massimino, 1908
Trees, 1908 Factory Foltzer, 1909 Portrait of a Young Woman, 1909
Riot in the Galleria, 1909 The Morning, 1909 The Mother , 1909
Twilight, 1909 Mourning, 1910 Study of a Feminine Face, 1910
The City Rises, 1910 Three Women, c.1910 Modern Idol, 1911
Nocturne, 1911 States Of Mind (Study): Those Who Stay, 1911 States of Mind I: The Farewells, 1911
States of Mind II: Those Who Go, 1911 States of Mind III: Those Who Stay, 1911 States of Mind: The Farewells, 1911
States of Mind: Those Who Go, 1911 The City Rises, 1911 The Laugh, 1911
The Street Enters the House, 1911 The Strengths of a Street, 1911 Abstract Dimensions, 1912
Elasticity, 1912 Figure, 1912 Horizontal Volumes, 1912
Materia, 1912 Simultaneous Visions, 1912 Study for sculpture ‘Empty and full abstracts of a head’, 1912
The antigraceful, 1912 Woman in a Café: Compenetrations of Lights and Planes, 1912 Antigraceful, 1913
Development of a Bottle in Space, 1913 Dynamic Decomposition, 1913 Dynamism of a Cyclist, 1913
Dynamism of a Human Body, 1913 Dynamism of a man’s head, 1913 Dynamism of a Soccer Player , 1913
Dynamism of racing horse, 1913 Dynamism of the Human Body c.1913 Dynamism of the human body: Boxer, 1913
Glass and Syphon, 1913 Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913 Dimensional shapes of a horse , 1913
Dynamism of a Woman’s Head, 1914 Plastic Dynamism: Horse+House, 1914 The Drinker, 1914
The Street Pavers, 1914 Under the Pergola at Naples, 1914 Plastic synthesis – seated person, 1914
Silvia, 1915 The Charge of the Lancers, 1915 Ferruccio Busoni, 1916
Landscape (mountains), 1916 Dynamism of a soccer player A Futurist Evening in Milan
Carlo Carrá Carlo Carrá Drawing After ‘States of Mind: The Farewells’
Dynamism of a Human Body Factories At Porta Romana Horse+Rider+Houses
Interior with Two Female Figures Kneeling Allegorical Figure Study from Pontormo
The City Rises The Mother The Reaper