Titian Paintings

Tiziano Vecellio or Tiziano Vecelli (c. 1488/1490 – August 27, 1576), known famously as Titian, was an Italian painter, the most prominent member of the 16th-century Venetian school. Titian was one of the most versatile of Italian painters, equally adept with mythological and religious subjects, landscape backgrounds, and portraits. His painting methods, particularly in the utilization and application of color, greatly influenced not only painters of the Italian Renaissance, but also future generations of Western artists. Learn more »

Paintings by Titian in Chronological Order

Philip II of Spain, c.1500 Christ Carrying the Cross, 1507 Orpheus and Eurydice, c.1508
Portrait of a Man, 1508 Christ and the Adulteress, 1510 Mary with the Child and Saints, c.1510
Portrait of a Venetian nobleman, c.1510 Portrait of a Woman, 1510 Portrait of Ariosto, 1510
Saint Mark Enthroned , 1510 The Birth of Adonis , 1510 The Concert, c.1510
The Holy Family with a Shepherd, c.1510 The Legend of Polydorus, 1510 Concert Champetre, 1511
Madonna and Child with Sts Anthony of Padua and Roch, c.1511 The Gipsy Madonna, 1511 The Healing of the Wrathful Son, 1511
The Miracle of the Jealous Husband, 1511 The Miracle of the Newborn Child, 1511 The Vicious Husband, 1511
Do not touch me, 1512 The Three Ages of Man, 1512 Portrait of a Man Munich, 1513
Holy Family and Donor, 1514 Portrait of a Man, 1514 Sacred and Profane Love, 1515
A Knight of Malta, 1515 Flora, c.1515 Judith with the Head of Holofernes, c.1515
Madonna of the Cherries, 1515 Portrait of a Bearded Man, c.1515 Portrait of a Man, c.1515
Portrait of a Musician, c.1515 Portrait of a Young Woman, c.1515 Profane Love, 1515
Suicide of Lucretia, 1515 Vanitas1515, YEAR Young Man with Cap and Gloves, 1515
Madonna and Child with Sts Catherine and Dominic and a Donor, 1516 Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap, 1516 The Tribute Money, 1516
Assumption of the Virgin, 1518 Gian Giacomo Bartolotti da Parma, 1518 Portrait of Jacopo Sannazaro, 1518
Saint Peter,1518 The Worship of Venus, 1518 Violante, 1518
The Annunciation, c.1519 Cupid with the Wheel of Fortune, c.1520 Girolamo and Cardinal Marco Corner Investing Marco, Abbot of Carrara, with His Benefice, c.1520
Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George, 1520 Madonna in Glory with the Christ Child and Sts Francis and Alvise with the Donor, 1520 Man with a Glove , c.1520
Portrait of Vincenzo Mosti,c.1520 Saint Sebastian at the resurrection altin Brescia, 1520 Studies of Saint Sebastian, 1520
The Bravoc.1520, YEAR Angel, 1522
Cellach of Armagh, 1522 Christ, 1522 Polyptych of the Resurrection, 1522
Polyptych of the Resurrection Virgin Annunciate, 1522 St Sebastian, 1522 Bacchus and Ariadne, 1523
Portrait of Laura de Dianti, c.1523 Bacchanal of the Andrians, 1524 Saint Christopher, 1524
Portrait of Federico II Gonzaga, c.1525 Entombment of Christ, 1526 Pesaros Madonna, 1526
Portrait of Ippolito Riminaldi, c.1528 The Death of St Peter Martyr, 1529 The Feast of the Gods, 1529
Christ with Globe, 1530 Madonna Aldobrandini, 1530 Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit, 1530

Virgin and Child with Saint and Saint John, c.1530 Supper at Emmaus, c.1530 Saint Bernadine, 1531
Portrait of Jacopo (Giacomo) Dolfin1, c.1532 Adoration of the Shepherds, 1533 ortrait of Alfonso d`Avalos , in Armor with a Page, c.1533
Portrait of Emperor Charles V with dog, 1533 Portrait of Ippolito de Medici in a Hungarian Costume, 1533 Annunciation, c.1535
Giacomo Doria, 1535 Isabella d Este, Duchess of Mantua, 1536 Portrait d`Isabella d`Este, 1536
Portrait of a young woman with feather hat, c.1536 Portrait of Giulio Romano, c.1536 Study for the Duke of Urbino, c.1536
The Beauty, 1536 Giorgio Cornaro with a Falcon, 1537 Girls in Furs (Portrait of a woman), 1537
Horse and Rider Black chalk on blue paper, c.1537 Entry of Mary into the temple, 1538 Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga, 1538
Portrait of Francesco Maria della Rovere, 1538 Portrait of Francis I, 1539 Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple, 1539
Portrait of Benedetto Varchi, 1540 Portrait of Pietro Bembo, c.1540 Vincenzo Cappello, c.1540
The Marchese del Vasto Addressing his Troops,1541 Christ Crowned with Thorns, c.1542 Clarice Strozzi, 1542
Jupiter and Anthiope (Pardo Venus), 1542 Portrait of Caterina Cornaro (1454-1510) wife of King James II of Cyprus, dressed as St. Catherine, 1542 Portrait of Ranuccio Farnese,1542
St. John the Baptist, c.1542 The Doge Niccolo Marcello, 1542 Cain and Abel, 1544
David and Goliath,1544 Sacrifice of Isaac, 1544 St. John the Evangelist on Patmos, 1544
The Resurrection, 1544 Caricature of the Laoc on group, 1545 Painting of Daniele Barbaro, 1545
Pentecost,c.1545 Portrait of a Girl, c.1545 Portrait of a Young Man (The young Englishman), c.1545
Portrait of Doge Andrea Gritti, 1545 Portrait of Pietro Aretino, c.1545 The Vendramin Family Venerating a Relic of the True Cross, 1545
The Young Englishman, 1545 Virgin and Child, c.1545 Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, 1546
Pope Paul III, 1546 Portrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo), 1546 Portrait of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, 1546
Portrait of Pope Julius II, 1546 Portrait of Pope Paul III, Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and Duke Ottavio Farnese, 1546 Ecce Homo, c.1548
Emperor Charles, 1548 Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia, c.1548 Portrait of Isabella of Portugal, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, 1548
Portrait of Pietro Aretino, c.1548 Portrait of Pope Paul III, 1548 A monk with a book, c.1550
Filippo Archinto, c.1550 Mater Dolorosa, 1550 Portrait of Antonio Anselmi, c.1550
Portrait of the Great Elector John Frederick of Saxony, c.1550 St John the Almsgiver, 1550 The Red Sultana, c.1550
Philipp II, as Prince, 1551 Man in Military Costume, 1552 Portrait of Cardinal Cristoforo Madruzzo, 1552
Portrait of Ludovico Beccadelli, 1552 Portrait of Marcantonio Trevisani, c.1553 Portrait of Philip II, c.1553
Sorrows, 1554 The Trinity in Glory, 1554 Crucifixion, 1554
Portrait of a Lady, c.1555 Portrait of a Lady in White, 1555 Portrait of the Doge Francesco Venier, 1556
Study of legs, 1557 The Annunciation, c.1557 Girl with a Basket of Fruits (Lavinia), 1558
Portrait of Fabrizio Salvaresio, 1558 The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, 1559 Angel of the Annunciation, c.1560
Ecce Homo, 1560 Madonna and Child with Mary Magdalene, c.1560 Mary of Hungary, Regent of the Netherlands, c.1560
St Jerome, 1560 The Scourging of Christ, c.1560 Wisdom, 1560
Mary with the Christ Child, 1561 Portrait of a painter with a palm tree, 1561 Portrait of Lavinia, his daughter, 1561
Self-portrait, 156 St Nicholas, 1563 Annunciation, c.1564
Cavalier over a fallen adversary, 1564 Allegory of Time Governed by Prudence, c.1565 Christ Carrying the Cross, c.1565
Man Holding a Flute, 1565 St Dominic, c.1565 Christ and the Good Thief, c.1566
Self-portrait, c.1567 Portrait of Jacopo Strada, 1568 The Tribute Money, 1568
Philip II Offering Don Fernando to Victory, c.1570 Crowning with Thorns, c.1575 Mocking of Christ, 1575
St Jerome, 1575 Doge Antonio Grimani Kneeling Before the Faith, 1576 Pieta, 1576
Youth with Dogs, 1576 Alessandro Farnese, ? Apostles group, ?
Cameria, daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent, ? Coronation of the Virgin, ? Cosimo de Medici, later Grand Duke of Tuscany, ?
rench Cardinal Georges d`Armagnac and his secretary G. Philandrier, ? Giulia Gonzaga, ? Marriage with Vesta and Hymen as Protectors and Advisers of the Union of Venus and Mars, ?
Portrait of a Man, ? Pope Alexander IV Presenting Jacopo Pesaro to St Peter, ? Portrait of a man with ermine coat, ?
Portrait of Aretino, ? Portrait of Don Fernando Alvarez of Toledo, Grand Duke of Alba, ? Portrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle, ?
Saint Anthony, ? St Ambrose, ? St Gregory the Great, ?
St Jerome, ? St John the Evangelist, ? St Luke, ?
St Matthew, ? The Martyrdom of Saint Peter, ? The Virgin and Child with Four Saints, ?