Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Thomas Kinkade (1958 – 2012) was an American painter. He developed the Thomas Kinkade Company which he used to mass produce his art to sell to the public. Kinkade’s paintings always feature overtly idyllic scenes with an abundance of color and saturation. Unfortunately his work has never been well received by art critics and has been referred to as “kitsch” on several occasions. Though not necessarily well loved by the fine art community, his paintings still continue to charm many viewers.

Paintings by Thomas Kinkade in Chronological Order:

Lingering Dusk, 1983 Afternoon Light, Dogwood, 1985 Town Square, 1986
Moonlit Village, 1989 Beside Still Waters, 1992 Beacon of Hope, 1994
San Francisco, Market Street, 1994 Main Street Celebration, 1995 A View from Cannery Row, Monterey, 1996
The Light of Peace, 1996 Cobblestone Bridge, 2000 A Peaceful Retreat, 2002
Sweetheart Gazebo, 2002 Portofino, 2003 Christmas Evening, 2005
Graceland Christmas, 2008 Savannah Romance, 2009 Rosebud Cottage, 2011
Beauty and the Beast Fall In Love Christmas Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream
Disney Dreams Disney Dreams Gone With the Wind
Indy Excitement It Doesn’t Get Much Better Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star
SELFLESS SERVICE The Little Mermaid Viva Las Vegas

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