Thomas Gainsborough Paintings

Thomas Gainsborough (1727- 1788) was one of the most prominent English painters during the second half of the 18th century. He was most well known for his portraiture and was commissioned on several occasions to paint for the King of England. Gainsborough also enjoyed to paint landscapes, though at the time they were not quite as popular as portraits among commissioners. He was also one of the founding members of the Royal Academy.

Paintings by Thomas Gainsborough in Chronological Order:

Dancers With Musicians In A Woodland Glade, 1733 The miniature portrait of a young boy (supposed self-portrait), c.1737 Conversation in a Park, 1745
Drinkstone Park (Cornard Woodland), c.1747 Forest (Cornard Wood), c.1746-c.1747 Landscape with Sandpit, c.1746-c.1747
The Artist with his Wife and Daughter, c.1748 The Charterhouse, London, 1748 Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, 1749
Landscape in Suffolk, c.1750 Portrait of a Gentleman, c.1750 Portrait of a Woman (possibly of the Lloyd Family), c.1750
Portrait of Sarah Kirby (née Bull) and John Joshua Kirby, c.1751 - c.1752 - Thomas Gainsborough
Portrait of Heneage Lloyd and his Sister, Lucy, c.1750 St. Mary’s Church Hadleigh, c.1748-c.1750 Portrait of Sarah Kirby (née Bull) and John Joshua Kirby, c.1751-c.1752
John Kirby, c.1752-c.1753 Mr. and Mrs. John Gravenor and their Daughters, Elizabeth and Ann, c.1752-1754 Self portrait, 1754
An Unknown Couple in a Landscape, c.1755 John Plampin, c.1753-c.1755 Landscape with a Woodcutter and Milkmaid, 1755
River Landscape with Rustic Lovers, c.1754-c.1756 The Artist’s Wife, c.1758 Portrait of the artist’s daughter with a cat, c.1759
William Wollaston, 1759 - Thomas Gainsborough
Self portrait, c.1758-c.1759 The Painter’s Daughters chasing a Butterfly, 1759 William Wollaston, 1759
Portrait of Ann Ford (later Mrs. Thicknesse), 1760 Portrait of Mary Countess Howe, c.1760 Portrait of the Molly and Peggy, c.1760
Robert Price, c.1760 Lady Alston, c.1761-c.1762 William Poyntz of Midgham and his Dog Amber, 1762
John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer, c.1763 Elizabeth Wrottesley, 1764-1765 Wooded Landscape with a Waggon in the Shade, c.1765
Mrs. Christopher Horton, later Anne, Duchess of Cumberland, 1766 Portrait of George Venables Vernon, 2nd Lord Vernon, 1767 Portrait of Mrs. Awse, 1767
The Harvest Wagon, 1767 Augustus John, third Earl of Briston, 1768 John, 1st Viscount Kilmorey, c.1768
Mary, Duchess of Montagu, c.1768 Pesants Returning from Market, c.1767-c.1768 Captain William Wade, 1769
Isabella, Viscountess Molyneux, 1769 Edward, 2nd Viscount Ligonier, 1770 Lady Ligonier, 1770
Portrait of David Garrick, 1770 Portrait of Mrs. John Bolton, c.1770 The Blue Boy (Portrait of the Jonathan Buttall), 1770
River landscape, 1768-1770 The Painter’s daughters, 1770 Evening Landscape Peasants and Mounted Figures, c.1768-c.1771
The Artist’s Daughter Margaret, 1772 The Linley Sisters (Mrs. Sheridan and Mrs. Tickell), 1772 Wooded Landscape with Cattle and Goats, c.1768-c.1772
Landscape with Cattle, c.1773 The Woodcutter’s House, 1772-1773 Benjamin Truman, c.1773-c.1774
Richard Paul Jordell, c.1774 Dupont, c.1775 Mrs. Graham, c.1775
Portrait of Johann Christian Bach, 1776 Squire John Wilkinson, c.1776 Thomas Pennant, 1776
Carl Friedrich Abel, 1777 Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, 1777 Pomeranian Bitch and Pup, c.1777
Portrait of the Mary Gainsborough, 1777 The Hon. Frances Duncombe, c.1777 The Hon. Mrs. Graham, 1777
The Watering Place, 1777 Mrs. Grace D. Elliott, 1778 Nee Margaret Burr, c.1778
Philip James de Loutherbourg, 1778 Portrait of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, c.1778 Portrait of James Christie, 1778
Portrait of Louisa, Lady Clarges, 1778 The Cottage Door, c.1778 Johann Christian Fischer, c.1780
George IV as Prince of Wales, 1781 King George III, 1781 Mrs. Mary Robinson (‘Perdita’), 1781
Portrait of George III, 1781 Portrait of Queen Charlotte, 1781 Richard Hurd, Bishop of Worcester, 1781
River Landscape with Rustic Lovers, 1781 Rocky Coastal Scene, 1781 A Coastal Landscape, 1782
Fen Bridge Lane, c.1782 George Brydges Rodney, Admiral of the White, 1782 George, Prince of Wales, Later George IV, 1782
Giovanna Baccelli, 1782 Girl with Pigs, 1782 John Joseph Merlin, 1782
Miss Elizabeth Haverfield, c.1782 Portrait of John Hayes St. Leger, 1782 Portrait of Prince Edward, Later Duke of Kent, 1782
Seashore with Fishermen, 1781-c.1782 Wooded Landscape with Cattle by a Pool and a Cottage at Evening, 1782 Coastal Scene, a Calm, 1783
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, 1783 John and Henry Trueman Villebois, c.1783 Mountain Landscape with Shepherd, 1783
The Mall in St. James’s Park, 1783 Two Shepherd Boys with Dogs Fighting, 1783 Lord Hastings, Governor of India, 1783-1784
Mountain Landscape with Peasants Crossing a Bridge, 1784 Portrait of John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, 1784 The Harvest Wagon, c.1784
The three eldest daughters of George III: Princesses Charlotte, Augusta and Elizabeth, 1784 A peasant girl with dog and jug, 1785 Greyhounds coursing a fox , 1784-1785, YEAR
Miss Catherine Tatton, 1785 Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett (The Morning Walk), 1785 Mrs. Sarah Siddons, the actress, 1785
The Earl of Darnley, 1785 Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1785-1786 The Honourable Charles Wolfran Cornwal, 1785-1786
The market cart, 1786 Self Portrait, 1787 A Woman in Blue (Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort)
A woman with a rose Charity relieving Distress David Garrick
Edward Richard Gardiner Isaac Henrique Sequeira James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale
John Henderson Landscape with the village Cornard Open landscape with shepherd and sheep
Portrait of Elizabeth Bowes Portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire Portrait of John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford
Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Montagu, Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry Portrait of Peter Godfrey of Old Hall East Bergholt Suffolk Portrait of the Artist’s Daughters
Portrait of Thomas Linley Robert Butcher of Walthamstan Rocky wooded landscape with waterfall, castle and mountain
Study of willows WC Stringer Lawrence John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll