Thomas Eakins Paintings

Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) was an American realist, who used oil painting, watercolor painting, photography. and sculpture to explore his favorite subject, the human figure. He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 1862 to 1866. Eakins influenced American art by bringing some attention back to figurative painting rather than landscape works. He later became a teacher at the Pennsylvania Academy and although he was an influential teacher he was forced to resign after removing a male model’s loincloth in a class with female students. Victorian Philadelphia was not quite ready for Eakins’ bold acceptance of nudity and its importance to understanding the human figure within the arts. This controversial incident harmed his reputation, however, students still continued to learn from him and many of them went on to become great artists in their own right.

Paintings by Thomas Eakins in Chronological Order

Peasants Crossing a Stream, 1858 Drawing The Icosahedron, 1859 Illustrated letter written to his family, 1866
Study of a Girl’s Head, 1868-1869 A Street Scene in Sevilla, 1870 Carmelita Requena, 1870
A Spanish Woman, c.1871 At the Piano, c.1871 Home Scene, 1871
Margaret in Skating Costume, 1871 Max Schmitt in a Single Scull, 1871 Drawing for The Pair Oared Shell, 1872
Kathrin, 1872 The Pair Oared Shell, 1872 The Biglin Brothers Racing, 1873
Elizabeth Crowell with a Dog, 1873-1874 Portrait of Professor Benjamin H. Rand, 1874 Pushing for Rail, 1874
Sailboats Racing on the Delaware, 1874 The Oarsmen ( The Schreiber Brothers), 1874 Whistling for Plover, 1874
Portrait of Mrs. James W. Crowell, 1870-1875 The Gross Clinic, 1875 Archbishop James Frederick Wood, 1876
Baby at Play, 1876 Dr John H Brinton, 1876 In Grandmothers Time, 1876
The Chess Player, 1876 The Courtship, 1876 Seventy Years Ago, 1877
The Dancing Lesson, 1878 A May Morning in the Park ( The Fairman Robers Four in Hand), 1880 Retrospection, c.1880
Homespun, 1881 Mending the Net, 1881 Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Delaware River, 1881
Drawing the Seine, 1882 The Writing Master (Benjamin Eakins), 1882 An Arcadian, c.1883
Professionals at Rehearsal, 1883 In the Studio (unfinished), 1884 Portrait of Dr. Horatio C Wood, 1886
Portrait of Walt Whitman, 1887 Portrait of Letitia Wilson Jordan, 1888 Portrait of Douglass Morgan Hall, 1889
Portrait of Samuel Murray, 1889 The Agnew Clinic, 1889 The Artist’s Wife and His Setter Dog, 1884-1889
Portrait of James Wright, 1890 Portrait of Amelia Van Buren, c.1891 Portrait of William H. MacDowell, 1891
The Concert Singer, 1890-1892 Maud Cook, 1895 Portrait of Frank Hamilton Cushing, 1895
Portrait of Lucy Lewis, 1896 Portrait of Henry Augustus Rowland, 1897 Portrait of Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1897
Maybelle, 1898 Taking the Count, 1898 Between Rounds, 1898-1899
Between Rounds Study for the Timer, 1899 Portrait of Mary Adeline Williams, c.1900 Portrait of Sarah Sagehorn Frishmuth, 1900
Portrait of Sebastiano Cardinal Martinelli, 1902 Signora Gomez d Arza, 1902 Archbishop William Henry Elder, 1903
Mother (Portrait of Annie Williams Gandy), c.1903 Portrait of Benjamin Sharp, 1903 Music, 1904
Portrait of Frank B. A. Linton, 1904 Portrait of William H. MacDowell, 1904 Monsignor Diomede Falconia, 1905
Portrait of Asburyh W. Lee, 1905 Portrait of Mrs. Leigo, 1906 Portrait of Miss Helen Parker, 1908
Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910
Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910
Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910 Photograph, 1910
Cowboy singing Grouse Head of a Warrior
Landscape Man in Turban Mrs Richard Day
Negro Boy on a Bay Horse Painting Portrait
Portrait Portrait Portrait of Alfred Bryan Wall
Portrait of Alfred Reynolds in the Taubman Museum of Art Portrait of Charles Edmund Dana Portrait of Charles Linford, the Artist
Portrait of Dr. William Thompson Portrait of Elizabeth R. Coffin Portrait of Frances Eakins
Portrait of Francesco Romano Portrait of Harriet Husson Carville Portrait of Mrs. Hubbard (sketch)
Portraits Portraits Portraits
Portraits Samuel Murray Studies of a Baby
Studies of Game Birds, probably Viginia Rails Study of a Girl’s Head Study of Dr. Agnew for the Agnew Clinic
Talcott Williams The Map The Thinker
The Veteran (Portrait of Geo. Reynolds) William H Macdowell Woman Knitting

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