Theodore Gericault Paintings

Theodore Gericault, born in 1791, was a French painter who was an influential part of the Romantic Movement. Unfortunately, his career was cut short due to a horse riding accident that eventually caused his death in 1824 at the age of 32. During his lifetime, he created a variety of works, specializing in both paintings and lithography. His most famous painting is The Raft of the Medusa which combined Neoclassical and Romantic themes while also highlighting a contemporary tragedy. It was a controversial painting of its time due to its criticism the government, which had attributed to the ship wreck and loss of life.

Paintings by Theodore Gericault in Chronological Order:

Head of a horseman, c.1812 Portrait of the Carpenter of The Medusa, c.1812 The Blacksmith’s Signboard, 1814, YEAR
The Wounded Cuirassier, 1814 The Wounded Cuirassier, 1814 The three skulls, 1812-1814
Slaves stopping a horse, study for The Race of the Barbarian Horses, 1817 Study for the Race of the Barbarian Horses, 1817 The Wild Horse Race at Rome, c.1817
Artillery caisson, 1818 Boxers, 1818 Heroic Landscape with Fishermen, 1818
Mameluke defending wounded trumpete, 1818 The Return from Russia, 1818 The murderers carry the body of Fualdes, 1818
Wagons filled with wounded soldiers, 1818 A man, 1815-1819 Anatomical Pieces, 1819
Head of a Drowned Man, c.1819 Head of a Shipwrecked Man (study for the Raft of Medusa), 1817-1819 Portrait of Eugene Delacroix, 1818-1819
Portrait of Louise Vernet as a Child, 1818-1819 Portrait of Alfred and Elizabeth Dedreux, 1817-1819 Study for The Raft of the Medusa, 1819
The Swiss guard at the Louvre, 1819 Young blond man, 1818-1819 English Jockey, 1820
Horse carriage, 1820 Portrait of Laura Bro, 1818-1820 The asleep fishmonger, 1820
The Page Mazeppa, c.1820 A hitched wagon, 1821 Entrance To The Adelphi Wharf, 1821
Head of an Oriental, or Portrait Presumed to be Mustapha, 1819-1821 Horse in the storm, 1820-1821 Horses going to a fair, 1821
The Epsom Derby, 1821 The Tempest, 1821 The Bagpipe player, 1821
Coal cars, 1821-1822 Five horses seen from behind with croupes in a stable, 1820-1822 Portrait of a Kleptomaniac, 1819-1822
The Madwoman, or The Obsession of Envy, 1822 The Woman with Gambling Mania, 1819-1822 Horses of the Auvergne, 1822
Portrait of a Man, The Vendean, 1822-1823 Study for Dead horse, 1823 The Plaster Kiln, 1822-1823
The Insane, 1822-1823 Study of a Dapple Grey, 1812-1824 The Horse Race, 1820-1824
The Horse Race, 1820-1824 A Portrait Of A Young Man A Young Negro Woman
Alfred Dedreux as a Child An Italian montagnard Arabian Stallion led by two Arabians to breed
Brown Horse in the Stalls Colin Alexander, painter Dead Cat
Gray horse rack Head of lioness Heads of Torture Victims (study for The Raft of the Medusa)
Horse (Eastern) Horse attacked by a lion Horse frightened by lightning
Horse leaving a Stable Horses Lying Lions
Man on the street Maria Serre Marie de Medici at Pont-de-Ce
Napoleon’s Stallion, Tamerlan Officer of the Chasseurs charging on horseback Officer of Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard
Old Italian peasant Paysage Classique: Matin Portrait of Lord Byron
Portrait of young boy, probably Olivier Bro Portrait of Mustapha Portrait of Rifleman
Presumed Portrait of Pierre Paul Royer-Collard Rifleman Scene of the Deluge
Scene of Cannibalism for The Raft of the Medusa Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
Shipwreck Spanish horse in a stable Study for Bay horse seen from behind
Study for Four Lions Study for Officer of Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard Study for The Raft of the Medusa
Study for Horse turned right with three hens and a rooster The Croups The head of lion
The head of young man The head of bulldog The head of white horse
The Storm, or The Shipwreck The Horse Market Three horses in their stable
Three rumps of horses Turkish horse in a stable Two post-horses
Two post-horses at the stable Young painter at his easel