Theo van Doesburg Paintings

Theo van Doesburg (August 30, 1883 – March 7, 1931), born as Christian Emil Marie Kupper, was a Dutch artist who was skilled in a variety of subjects, including painting, architecture, poetry, and typography. He changed his name in honor of his step father, whom he considered to be his true father in all the ways that matter. He was the founder and editor of the De Stijl journal, which supported the De Stijl art movement and brought together those who identified with this new movement. The artist, Piet Mondrian, and the architects J. J. P. Oud and Jan Wils were among those who supported Doesburg’s journal and were actively involved with it.

Paintings by Theo van Doesburg in Chronological Order:

A dog, 1899 Two dogs, 1899 Landscape with hay cart, church towers and windmill, 1901
A Child, 1904 Portrait of Christian Leibbrandt, 1906 Self portrait, 1906
Self portrait with hat, 1906 Still life, 1906 Old Faun (self portrait), 1909
Self portrait with hat, 1909, YEAR Self portrait with hat, 1909, YEAR Abraham Kuyper, 1910
Alderman of education, 1910 Archangel, 1910 Burgerman, 1910
Cover of “The masks”, 1910 Farmer, 1910 Frederik van Eeden, 1910
Quérido, 1910 - Theo van Doesburg -
Quérido, 1910 Troelstra, 1910 Dune landscape, c.1912
Dunes and sea, c.1912 Self portrait, 1913 Beggar, 1914
Girl with Buttercups, 1914 Abstract church, 1915 Abstract portrait, 1915
Portrait of a man, c.1915 Portrait of Lena Milius, c.1915 Potrait of Evert Rinsema, 1915
Street Music I, 1915 Street Music II, 1915 Composition I (Still life), 1916
Composition II (Still life), 1916 Composition III (Still life), 1916 Composition IV (Still life), 1916
Cover of “Balance” by J. Elgenhuis, YEAR Cover of “The painter and his work. Psycho-analytic study.”, 1916 Dancers, 1916
Heroic movement, 1916 Landscape, 1916 Portrait of A. J. J. de Winter, c.1916
Still Life (Composition V), 1916 The Cardplayers, 1916 Tree, 1916
Colour design for a chimney, 1917 Composition, 1917 Composition (The Cow), c.1917
Composition IX, opus 18, 1917, 1917 Composition VI (on black fond), 1917 Composition with window with coloured glass III, 1917
Dance I, c.1917 Dance II, 1917 Design for a tile floor, and entrance hall, c.1917
Design for monument Leeuwarden, c.1917 Female nude with hand on her head, 1917 Leaded glass composition I, c.1917
Lena in interieur, 1917 Stained glass composition “Woman”, 1917 Template for the Long House ornament edge, 1917
Composition, 1918 Composition X, 1918 Composition XII in black and white, 1918
Composition XIII, 1918 Composition XIII, 1918 Composition XIII (Woman in studio), 1918
Landscape (study for composition XII), 1918 Russian Dance, 1918 Study for Composition VIII (The Cow), c.1918
Study for Rhythm of a Russian Dance, c.1918 Composition in dissonances, 1919 Composition in gray (Rag Time), 1919
Composition XVII, 1919 Cover of “Three lectures about the new art”, 1919 Monogram design for Antony Cook, 1919
Plastic garden (Vases), 1919 Composition XVIII in three parts, 1920 Composition XX, 1920
Cover design for magazine “Klei”, 1920 Cover of “Classic, Modern, Baroque”, 1920 Design for an exhibition poster for “La Section d’Or”, c.1920
Pure painting, 1920 Still Life with statue, vase and jar, 1920 Drawing, 1921
Portrait of Pétro, c.1922 - Theo van Doesburg -
Composition XXII, 1922 Cover fo “In Mechanism”, 1922 Portrait of Pétro, c.1922
Wrapper magazine "Mécano - Blue, Blauw, Blau, Blue", 1922 - Theo van Doesburg
Wrapper magazine “Mécano – Blue, Blauw, Blau, Blue”, 1922 Architectural Analysis, 1923 Composition, 1923
Composition XXI, 1923 Composition XXV, 1923 Cover of “What is dada”, 1923
Model of artist’s house, 1923 Model of mansion, 1923 Model of mansion, 1923
Model private house, 1923 Preliminary design for the floor, 1923 Private house, model, seen from the west, 1923
Sketch for the ceiling, 1923 Stained glass composition, 1923 Stained glass composition, 1923
Study for Composition XXV, 1923 The denaturalized material. Destruction 2., 1923 Contra-Composition VII, 1924
Counter Composition IV, 1924 Counter composition V, 1924 Counter composition VII, 1924
Counter composition VIII, 1924 Counter composition X, 1924 Design, 1924
Design for Stained Glass Composition XIII, 1924 Nelly van Doesburg Viewed from behind, and a harbor scene, 1924 Study for Counter composition X, 1924
Construction I, c.1925 Contra-Composition of Dissonances, XVI, 1925 Counter composition VI, 1925
Counter composition XIII, 1925 Counter composition XIV, 1925 Counter composition XV, 1925
Design for a poster for an exhibition at The Little Review Gallery, New York, 1925 Project of house-studio, 1925 Counter composition XVII, 1926
Interior of the Café brasserie of the Aubette, Strasbourg, axonometry, 1926 - Theo van Doesburg
Interior of the Café Brasserie of the Aubette, Strasbourg, Axonometry, 1926 Double studio apartment design, plans and axonometry, 1927 Composition, 1928
Composition with half values, 1928 Arithmetic composition, 1929 City Traffic, 1929
Simultaneous Composition XXIV, 1929 Simultaneous Counter Composition, 1929 Composition (Study), 1930
Cover of the launch issue of Art Concret, 1930 Simultaneous Counter Composition., 1930 Composition, 1931

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