The Triumph of Galatea

The Triumph of Galatea

Location:Villa Farnesina, Rome

    • 116 in × 88 in

(295 cm × 224 cm)

One of the most puzzling masterpieces created by Raphael is a fresco that was completed in 1512 for the Villa Farnesina in Rome. It is actually part of an unfinished series of paintings on mythology for the Villa’s gallery. The artwork was inspired by the love story of Galatea and Acis, an ordinary shepherd, who was killed by her titan consort, Polyphemus.

Raphael did not give us any of these more colorful scenes, however the painting features a very beautiful and seemingly divine woman riding a shell driven by dolphins. She is surrounded by various sea creatures and cherubims in the background. Due to these features some say that the fresco appears pay homage to Boticelli’s Birth of Venus.

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