The Suicide of Dorothy Hale

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale
Artist Frida Kahlo
Year 1938
Medium Oil on masonite
Location Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Dimensions 23 ¾ x 19 in
60.4 x 48.6 cm
Famous Paintings by Frida Kahlo
The Suicide of Dorothy Hale, 1938
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The Two Fridas, 1939
The Bus, 1929
Moses, 1945
The Wounded Deer, 1946
The Broken Column, 1944
Without Hope, 1945
Complete Works

Frida Dahlo is renowned for her various works of art and her unique techniques. The Suicide of Dorothy Hale is one of her most interesting paintings. It was completed in 1938, and it is an oil on masonite painting. Frida Dahlo painted what happened in Dorothy Hale’s suicide case, where she threw herself out of a high window.

Important Information

This painting was commissioned by a friend of Dorothy Hale’s, Clara Booth Luce as she was an admirer of Kahlo’s works of art. The aim was so as not to forget her friend’s life even after this disastrous suicide. However she did not like the way Kahlo presented the various steps of Hale’s suicide, from standing on the balcony, to falling down, and finally lying sprawled on the floor beneath the building.


The style of this painting is referred to as Naive Art, which is also called Primitivism.

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