The Song Dynasty Timeline

Song Dynasty Timeline in Chronological Order


960 General Zhao Kuangyin establishes the Song Dynasty after overthrowing the Later Zhou, the last of the Five Dynasties. He becomes Emperor Taizu of Song.
976 Emperor Taizong ascends to the throne after the death of his brother, Emperor Taizu. He continues the process of unifying China under the Song Dynasty.
1004 The Song Dynasty signs the Chanyuan Treaty with the Liao Dynasty, a Khitan-led state to the north, ending the long-standing conflict between the two powers.
1044 Shen Kuo, a polymath and government official, is born. He makes significant contributions to various fields, including astronomy, geology, and engineering, and writes the famous scientific work “Dream Pool Essays.”
1067 Emperor Shenzong ascends to the throne, initiating the period known as the New Policies, which includes major reforms in administration, finance, and military organization.
1088 Chinese polymath and statesman Su Song designs and builds the first known water-powered astronomical clock tower.
1127 The Jurchen-led Jin Dynasty conquers the northern part of Song territory, marking the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty.
1162 Future Mongol emperor Genghis Khan is born, eventually leading to the rise of the Mongol Empire, which will play a significant role in the decline of the Song Dynasty.
1271 Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, establishes the Yuan Dynasty in China, which will eventually overthrow the Song Dynasty.
1279 The Song Dynasty falls to the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty after the naval Battle of Yamen, marking the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty in China.