The She-Wolf

The She-Wolf
Artist Jackson Pollock
Year 1943
Medium Oil, gouache, and plaster on canvas
Location Museum of Modern Art, New York
Dimensions 41 7/8 x 67 in
106.4 x 170.2 cm

The She-Wolf is a painting which Jackson Pollock painted in the year 1943. This artist is popular for his Abstract Expressionism style, and this painting is not considered to be a clear example of this style. In fact here he seems to have focused on a mythological theme. Many consider this work of art as a form of Surrealism. Although the artist had not wanted to comment about the theme of the painting, or the subject itself, many think that he was inspired by the legendary wolf mother of Romulus and Remus.

Style and Artistic Techniques

This painting is one of the best examples of Jackson Pollock’s love for free-form abstraction. This is due to the fact that one needs to look closely at the painting so as to see what the main characters are, since there are several spatters and multi-colored elements. The wolf seems to be advancing forward. It is painted with heavy black lines, and abstract patches. The palette he used was rather somber.

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