The Picnic Party

The Picnic Party
Artist Jack Vettriano
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 30 x 24 in

The Picnic Party is a painting by the Scottish artist, Jack Vettriano. It is one of his earlier works, having first been exhibited in 1992. The painting was bought by a private collector, and its current location is unknown. Prints of the painting remain very popular with art lovers, and Vettriano himself has used the painting to advertise his commercial ventures.

Painting Background

The painting is in a traditional, oil on canvas, style, and measures 30 by 24 inches. It shows a man walking on a windswept beach with two women, hoping to find a sheltered spot to have their picnic. The subdued colors in which the picture is painted, together with the clothes being worn by the members of the party, give the impression that this scene comes from the early part of the 20th century. Vettriano saved the picture from looking gloomy by incorporating the soft, golden shades of sunlight. The red stripe on the man’s hat also adds a splash of color.

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