The Madonna of the Pinks

The Madonna of the Pinks

Year:c. 1506–1507
Medium:oil on yew
Location:National Gallery,

    • 11.0 in × 8.8 in
    • (27.9 cm × 22.4 cm)

The Madonna of the Pinks is an oil painting on fruit wood. The painting depicts the Virgin Mary playing with her child, Jesus Christ. In the portrait, the Virgin Mary is giving carnations to the Christ child. The carnations symbolize Christ’s passion.

The composition of the painting is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Benois Maddona. However, the color scheme, which links the Virgin Mary with the landscape, is solely attributed to Raphael. Vicenzo Camuccini owned the property rights of the painting in the 19th century. In 1991 the painting was finally distinguished as an original Raphael masterpiece. It was identified by the Renaissance scholar Nicholas Penny.

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