The Key

The Key
Artist Jackson Pollock
Year 1946
Medium Oil on linen
Location Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Dimensions 59 x 82 in
149.8 x 208.3 cm

The Key is a famous canvas oil painting that was originally done in 1946 by Jackson Pollock – a legendary American painter who played a crucial role in the development of drip paint skills and lived between 1912 and 1956.

The Key is one of the most outstanding paint-works listed under the larger Accabonac Creek series which is a diverse collection of meticulous paintings that continue to stun many contemporary art lovers to date.

Its gestural appearance, expressive outlay and chance effects are just but a few of the noteworthy brushstroke features that make it an instant eye-catcher.

About the Name

It is widely believed that the paint was given its name (The Key) to signify a new beginning to the field of American artwork at a time when European paintings dominated the art-scene.

Its expressive and prefigured features are just but a few of the many gems behind its high and note-worthy rank in the modern world of arts.

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