The Jewish Bride

The Jewish Bride
Artist Rembrandt
Year c. 1667
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Dimensions 47.8 in × 65.6 in
121.5 cm × 166.5 cm
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The Jewish Bride, which is on display in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, is a painting by Rembrandt that dates from circa 1667. The work was created using oil paints on canvas, and it measures 47.8 by 65.6 inches.

The Name

It is not known by what name the artist referred to this painting. It was called The Jewish Bride by an art collector in Amsterdam, who interpreted the painting as a Jewish father who has gifted a necklace to his daughter on her wedding day.

Many experts disagree with this interpretation. Some believe the two figures portrayed are lovers or a married couple. Others think it represents a biblical couple.


The painting depicts a male figure lightly embracing a female. He has his left arm around her shoulders, and his right hand lies on her breasts. Her left hand rests on his right hand. The background is done in shades of brown and has little definition.

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