The Holy Family of Francis I

The Holy Family of Francis I
Artist Raphael
Year 1518
Medium Oil on canvas transferred from wood
Location Louvre, Paris
Dimensions 81 in × 55 in
207 cm × 140 cm

This 1518 oil painting was also from Raphael’s workshop but was mainly delegated to his assistants. It shows the Virgin Mary stretching her arms to carry the infant Jesus, with Saint Joseph; the cousin of the Madonna, Saint Elisabeth, and the young John the Baptist.

The influence of the artist to his apprentices is evidenced by the use of lighting and different shades to put the background at the back of the main subjects. The Madonna and the young Savior was made with warm colors and increased lighting which is typical of Raphael’s works.

The artwork was named what it was because it was gifted to the wife of the French king, Francis I, by the Pope Leo X.