The Ecstasy of St. Cecilia

The Ecstasy of St. Cecilia
Artist Raphael
Year 1516-1517
Medium Oil transferred from panel to canvas
Location Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna
Dimensions 87 in × 54 in
220 cm × 136 cm

One of the oil paintings by Raphael that never fails to amaze people is The Ecstasy of Saint Cecilia. It was finished between the years 1516 to 1517, and paid by the Cardinal Lorenzo Pucci as a centerpiece for a Bolognese church.

It depicts the patron of musicians, Saint Cecilia, enchanted and at all ears to a choir of angels. She is accompanied by Saints Paul, Augustine and John the Evangelist; and Mary Magdalene.

It was made memorable by the fact that the saint is not portrayed as someone who is appropriate and heavenly, but a singing saint who is not singing, appears to be in a trance and with broken musical instruments at her feet. As critics mention, Raphael was able to depict vision more clearly than using a hundred words.

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