The Conversation

The Conversation
Artist Henri Matisse
Year 1912
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
Dimensions 69 5/8 in × 85 3/8 in
177 cm × 217 cm
Famous Paintings by Henri Matisse
L’Atelier Rouge, 1911
The Conversation, 1912
Woman Reading, 1894
The Dance, 1909
The Snail, 1953
Green Stripe, 1905
Beasts of the Sea, 1950
The Open Window, 1905
Woman with a Hat, 1905

Henri Matisse painted his famous piece, the Conversation, between the period of 1908-1912. During this time period Matisse eloquently displayed himself and his wife while having a conversation of sorts. Matisse in blue and white striped pajamas and his wife gracefully adorned in what appears to be a black gown, face each other while in front of a large window. The bright blue background while flat, illuminates as one peers through the window to the lush greenery and garden landscape.

Style and Technique

A trendsetter in the Fauve movement, Henri Matisse opted for a slightly more toned down version of the style. Although he incorporated intense colors like blue and green, his brushstroke was flatter and more direct. The large oil on canvas painting that took four years to complete is a compilation of restraint and decorative design.

The Conversation is a masterfully crafted painting that visually shows the dynamic between a man and a woman. The vibrant colors, the intricate brush strokes and interesting details set the stage for a classic painting by Henri Matisse.

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