The Circus

The Circus
Artist Georges Seurat
Year 1890-1891
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Musee d’Orsay, Paris
Dimensions 185 x 152 cm

The Circus by Georges Seurat is his last large scale painting created in 1891. It was an unfinished painting that was purchased by Paul Signac after the death of Seurat. In this painting, the artist has selected the subject of lively public getting entertained at Cirque Fernando. It depicts a moment in the performance, full with fun and action. The painting shows a clown, a lady acrobat, ring master and another performer.

About the Painter

Born in Paris, Georges lived a very short life. He attended the famous art school, Ecole des Beaux where he learned to paint Greek statues and models. He was famous for inventing a special painting technique called Pointillism. In this special style, regular brush strokes were replaced by tiny dots of paint colors. He would blend different colors, recreating a luminous and vibrant painting. Most of the work created in the later part of his life revolved around the theme of the circus.

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